8 things that prove you are hot

Throughout your life, someone has always been there to boost your confidence regardless if you needed it or not. It probably started with your mum at a school play when you were dressed up with your classmates as townspeople of Hamelin.  From the start of your life, someone else has also been there to give you much needed advice and confidence. She is your ego. And as egos go, she is the best. We took the time to speak to all those lovely egos out there to discover, what eight things prove your hot?

8. You can happily sit in your own company doing nothing


Everyone has gone out and you didn’t get an invite? No worries as you have the ability to entertain yourself. They are probably not having as much fun as they would if you were there.

7. You’re still getting texts from an ex


You dumped him and he is still texting you on proves one thing… he wants you back because your hot. Don’t worry about the reason he is texting you as the mere fact that he has not deleted your number is proof alone that you are hot.

6. The lack of eye contact on London Underground


When you are not getting eye contact on the Central Line, it is simply because your so hot that you invoke fear in those around you. Yes, that is what it is. The mere thought of you rejecting their gaze results in men pretending to study the Underground Map for their upcoming GCSE Geography exam.

4. No matter how bad you screw up, they won’t sack you.


Monday morning and you have jammed the printer three times already. Have they sacked you? No. Why? Because your company’s customers would all leave if was not for your killer looks and amazing charm. Be happy in the knowledge that they can’t spell ‘customers’ without ME.

3. Bad boys are attracted to you

And why not? You have been blessed with the face of a Goddess so it is no surprise that bad boys see you as the holy grail. Playing hard to get usually does not work as persistence is a bad boys greatest tool. Be honest, what else has he really got to do all day other than bother you?

2. You have hot friends

It is a proven fact that beautiful people only hang out with other beautiful people. Why do you think that you hardly see Kylie Minogue hanging out with Dannii? Coincidence? If your friends are hot, then logic only proves that you are hot too.

1. Because your dog says so


If your dog thinks you are great, so does the world. Everyone knows that dogs can smell beauty. Why do you think he sniffs so much and is so happy when you return home?

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