10 Year Challenge Nightlife Edition pt.10

15th January 2019
15th January 2019 Lee Hall

The 10 Year Challenge has been trending all over social media for the last few days and we thought what better way to join in than looking back ten years to when The Three Counties nightlife scene was at a high peak.

With the help of The Large Mag/L23 Magazine, The Three Counties former guide to nightlife entertainment, we have dug deep and pulled our favourite ten events from 2009. Twenty pictures from ten events ten years ago.

10. DJ EZ at Milton Keynes Buddha Blue

Way before ArsenalTV became a hit, entrepreneur Robbie Lyle ran Buddha Blue Nightclub in the heart of Milton Keynes’ Theatre District. Having already been the host to US star Ne-Yo, Buddha Blue pulled in no other than UK Garage veteran EZ.

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