5 Minutes with Tamara Kalinic

With their presence at London Fashion Week almost as highly anticipated as the celebrities and designers themselves, there is no denying that super-bloggers are taking over the fashion world. Working with designers on campaigns, collections and photo shoots, bloggers are just as important as the press these days, especially when it comes to fashion. With many building their blog into a fully fledged business, these girls (and guys) certainly know a thing or two when it comes to success, hard work and well, fashion. Moving to the UK 6 years ago, Tamara Kalinic has made a name for herself as one of the biggest fashion bloggers around with her fashion centric website theglamandglitter.com.


With a flawless collection of outfits, which are published on her blog on a day to day basis, she has been featured in Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue alike. She admirably mixes high street, with designer pieces and is a regular on the London fashion scene. I was lucky enough to have five minutes with her:

What initially inspired you to start blogging?
My blog is the product of my huge love of fashion. In the beginning, the only real reader was myself, it wasn’t really until a year or so when people started noticing it. However, the main reason I blog is because I love to and it will always stay that way.

Do you have any tips for aspiring fashion bloggers, especially with regards to photography?
My top tip is to know your lighting. Even if you own the best camera ever, the lighting has to be right for those photos. Practice, practice and practice.

Which are your top 5 ‘go to’ fashion brands?
I love mixing high street and designer, so my favourite brands would be Zara, River Island, Balenciaga, Chanel and Celine.

Do you have an interesting fact about yourself that your blog readers would be surprised to hear?
I am very open about my life on my blog, sharing little anecdotes about my daily antics in each post, but a lot of readers get very surprised when they find out that I am actually a pharmacist by profession, or by degree in fact!

I absolutely love your style, it is glamorous and chic but still appears relaxed! Do you have any style inspirations or icons that you base your style on at all?
I get inspiration from anything and everything really. I can see a biscuit wrapper and get inspired by the colour combination, but over the years I have developed my own style which is mix of classic and trendy. However I do love the style of and am inspired by fashionistas such as Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Caroline Isa.

Do your family and friends know about your blog? What have their reactions been?  
They know all about it now, in fact my sister is my photographer and my boyfriend also helps me with my photographs, however initially I didn’t tell anyone about my blog for the first year, as I was scared people might think it was a stupid waste of time.

Do you have a favourite opportunity that has been presented to you as a result of your blog?
Attending New York Fashion Week was positively the best experience of my life. Everything about it – the energy, the vibe, the mood and of course, the fashion is what kept me moving for 7 days with barely any sleep. Even when I think about it I get excited!

As a blogger myself, I know that sometimes blogging feels like (and is) a 24/7 job, although never a chore. Do you agree with this?   
Blogging is a never ending job, there are emails, comments, replying to your readers, to brands, social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and no matter how many hours you spend working on everything, you never really seem to be on top of it all. However, as with many other bloggers, I enjoy it – so like you said, it never feels like a chore. But it is certainly never ending.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years time?
I am hoping to move forward and progress but where to, I have no idea. So far my journey in the world of blogging has been full of surprises and unexpected outcomes, I hope it keeps pleasantly surprising me, via the fashion industry.

Visit Tamara’s blog theglamandglitter.com

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