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Agent Provocateur pump it up for SS19 launch

For this coming SS19 season, Agent Provocateur were inspired by the art of dance to create a high-intensity, energetic collection. Akin to dancing, sexuality is a performance, one that every woman has the power to act out. 

The team behind this collection believe it is a sensual side that is unleashed when she slips into an Agent Provocateur design. How she feels in Agent Provocateur can be compared to losing herself in her favourite music: it lifts her mood, makes her heart race and gets her adrenalin pumping. 

The iconic Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic is the perfect song to reflect the supercharged nature of the collection. “The lyrics, and their meaning of letting go and setting the floor on fire, encapsulate the message of the season and the feeling that AP brings to any situation,” says Sarah Shotton, Creative Director. “We really wanted that energy to come across in the campaign, so we hired an amazing troop of 22 female professional dancers. The aim was to showcase a group of talented, strong women with diverse body types.”

In the video, shot by Charlotte Wales, we see dancer Kylie Shea perform a high-powered, super-sexy ballet routine, grinding on the floor and hanging seductively from a gymnastics horse. Then, our dance squad gets down to the pounding beat in a raunchy erotic aerobics class.

The steamy moves they perform are courtesy of Danielle Polanco, who has previously choreographed and danced for divas like Janet Jackson, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.


The pieces in the campaign, styled by Ursina Gysi, allow for movement and expression through the body, and are minimal enough to let the dancers and their moves take centre stage. The designs are like a second skin, from the sheer, delicate Phoebe two-piece and the 80s-inspired Laurella swimsuit to the leopard-embellished Indiana, which brings a fierce, strong vibe in the final scene. 

Agent Provocateur aims to make women everywhere feel powerful and energetic, like they want to go out and dance all night (in Agent Provocateur, naturally). It is also a message of motivation: pump it up in every aspect of your life and give it everything you’ve got. This season, Agent Provocateur call on you to own your sensual side, love your body and be unapologetic in your sexuality.



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