All I want for Christmas is…a new Zara coat

As the rain begins to pour, the leaves start to rust and my arms are reunited with goosebumps it’s once again time to say au revoir to spring/summer and bonjour to autumn/winter, as I reluctantly dig out last year’s knit wear collection and start debating whether it’s cold enough to start wearing coats outside again; definitely was in Southampton today!

However as I looked over at my dreary selection of coats  hung up in my cosy student flat I felt no enthusiasm what so ever to start wearing them in public. Maybe it’s the fact that this year it seems to be all about the cute and bright coats with shades of pink and red flying around the runway at Paris fashion week, particularly the Mui Mui show which as per usual set the standard for the rest of the season and hopefully the high-street will follow suit and make some delightful imitations even us common folk can afford!


In fact whilst hopelessly wandering around Zara yesterday, I fell head over heels in love with their knit wear and B-E-A-Utiful coats! To the extent where I was putting my maths GCSE to good use and calculating how many I could buy without having to starve myself for the rest of the semester! The quality and textures were just fantastic, and I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that I could get a one for around £69, for something of such quality that will get years of use – I just think that in this case it’s a real investment.



I’m currently planning to either save for the grey one above or beg Santa to dig deep and drop it down my chimney! The coat also comes in black, navy and moss green – the green I’m reallllllly not keen on so I’m just going to pretend that never happened! Although in shops such as New Look you could get a nice looking coat for less than £40, which is great and all but in all honestly every coat I’ve bought like that has lasted about a year maximum. Paying an extra £20 could get you another two years worth of use, so surely it’s worth saving for quality rather than convenience?

I bought this double breasted navy coat from New Look last year, it’s nice and all but the signs of wear started showing really fast and I didn’t find it particularly warm, the lining was quite nice but in all honesty it still looked a little cheap – not quite sleek enough, practical but just not everything I want from a coat. That’s why this year I won’t hesitate to pay £70 for a coat that ticks all the right boxes.

snowsmallWhen choosing a coat you have to try and be as selective as you would when choosing a potential boyfriend it must be…

  1. Keep you warm and snug
  2. Soft
  3. A good fit
  4. Makes you look good
  5. Makes you FEEL good
  6. And of course is practical, so if you don’t have anyone else to hold your hand at least your beautiful new coat will!


Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you (Grey Zara Coat), yeah

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