Appreciating Natural Hair with Dee Naturals

Natural hair advocates Dee Naturals have been promoting self-love, positivity and well-being to women of all ages and races via workshops, events and very unique products. Their latest event is taking place in December and we got to chance to speak with founder Dionne Wright.

What is your vision for Dee Naturals?

Since we launched in August, we have provide one to one hair consultations and workshops designed to support individuals to make positive life choices. The Dee Natural vision is to produce and sell products natural products that will have a place in the global market. We aim to do this by continuing to produce high quality products with excellent satisfaction and customer service.  Dee Naturals endeavours  to create a platform for all women to explore and be educated about their natural hair and well-being.

We understand that you have a clothing line too. Are these exclusives or available to purchase?

Customers are able to purchase our clothing line online via our website We also have a presence at health & well-being events, business exhibitions, fashion shows and women events.


And what about long term goals for Dee Naturals?

I would like Dee Naturals to be recognised internationally for it’s products and workshops. One of our aims is to host and attend international workshops and events educating women all over the world about natural hair products for all.  We are very excited about the new opportunities that awaits us.

Dee Naturals aims to inspire and empower women and girls to embrace their natural hair and health. They give individuals the tools to self-help and become confident in their approach to positive health and hair care.

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Inside Out, Healthy Hair, Health and Well-being, dining event to showcase Dee Naturals on Friday 5th December 2014 at
Tooting Leisure Centre, Greaves Place, London, SW17 0NE

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