Are the creeps worth the hype?

Creepers. The most controversial shoe since kitten heels, but are they worth the hype? Is anyone sick of seeing them from blog post to high-street windows? Well to tell you the truth I’m not.

When creepers were re-introduced into the fashion world and they were splattered in all of the pages of the glossy magazines and frowned upon by many, which included myself,  when I did actually find them very repulsive to look at and it shocked me that people would want to go out in public in these, but now.


For some strange reason, I want so many pairs of them. They’ve grown on me, just like a really cheesy pop song that is over played on the radio that I eventually find myself singing in the shower and I now find myself staring at these creepers in pure admiration and awe instead of disgust. For me, they are the most edgiest shoe to complete most outfits and I feel that they can make a very simple outfit a statement one.

Even though they are worn to the death by the goth and emo scene, I feel that they can still be very fashionable and even if they don’t the gain the good popularity I think they so rightly deserve, I have always thought that fashion isn’t about what is in style, it’s all about whether you can style something well and if you feel that you look good. With these shoes, I never thought I would feel good but I happen to feel so individual and happy with the way I look when I where them.

If you began like me, with pure hatred to these hyped shoes, try to see if you can change your mind, give these little disputable shoes a chance. You might surprise yourself.








About Megan Lowes

I'm a 17 year old A Level student living in Newcastle, England studying English Language, English Literature, Media and Textiles. Aspiring fashion journalist with a blog to showcase everything style and lifestyle related.

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