10 Year Challenge Nightlife Edition pt.9

The 10 Year Challenge has been trending all over social media for the last few days and we thought what better way to join in than looking back ten years to when The Three Counties nightlife scene was at a high peak.

With the help of The Large Mag/L23 Magazine, The Three Counties former guide to nightlife entertainment, we have dug deep and pulled our favourite ten events from 2009. Twenty pictures from ten events ten years ago.

9. Funky Lovin at Pure Bedford

2009 was the year UK Funky House took all venues across Bedfordshire by storm. Pure (Formerly Chapel 29) hosted Funky Lovin with a host of live PA’s and home-grown DJ talent.

10 Year Challenge Nightlife Edition pt.10

The 10 Year Challenge has been trending all over social media for the last few days and we thought what better way to join in than looking back ten years to when The Three Counties nightlife scene was at a high peak.

With the help of The Large Mag/L23 Magazine, The Three Counties former guide to nightlife entertainment, we have dug deep and pulled our favourite ten events from 2009. Twenty pictures from ten events ten years ago.

10. DJ EZ at Milton Keynes Buddha Blue

Way before ArsenalTV became a hit, entrepreneur Robbie Lyle ran Buddha Blue Nightclub in the heart of Milton Keynes’ Theatre District. Having already been the host to US star Ne-Yo, Buddha Blue pulled in no other than UK Garage veteran EZ.

David Lloyd reveal fitness trends for 2019

With the end of the 2018 on the horizon, it will only be a matter of time before our thoughts turn from champagne and Christmas parties to what fitness trends to try out in 2019. From LIIT to HIIT, leading health and fitness chain, David Lloyd Clubs, reveals the trends that will be taking the country by storm in 2019…

If you didn’t hear of HIIT in 2018, well, where were you? Whether or not High Intensity Interval Training was for you or not, HIIT’s rival, LIIT is coming to town in 2019. Standing for ‘Low Intensity Interval Training’ it offers a workout at a completely different pace to HIIT. LIIT classes are more about slow movements and good form, so expect to switch jumping jacks for slowed down squats. LIIT classes are great for anyone new to fitness or anyone coming back to it after a break, but don’t be fooled into thinking these slowed down sessions are easy. They’re also good for anyone who’s training at a high pace regularly, to help strengthen the body and recover. At David Lloyd Clubs, expect its signature SYNRGY classes to be adapted to include LIIT training.

Fitness trends - HIIT training

Though LIIT might take centre stage in 2019, there’s no getting rid of the ever-popular HIIT training. HIIT classes are so dynamic, varied and well, intense, that people keep coming back for more. HIIT classes might include anything from squat jumps to skipping; boxing to burpees. At David Lloyd Clubs, the bespoke Blaze classes which run for 45 or 55 minutes combine cardio, strength training and combat, for a HIIT mix that’s bound to keep your heart beating.

The reason why HIIT works is that you work to 100% of your ability for short periods of time (2-3 minutes) and then you rest, sometimes actively, before ramping up to 100% again. As your heart is constantly adjusting to the changing conditions, your body learns to adapt and the changes in pace help to kick your metabolism into gear, meaning you burn calories long after the class has finished.
HIIT classes are typically under one hour, so they’re ideal for getting good results when you have a busy schedule to work around.

Just as spinning rose to fame in 2010, 2019 is going to put the same spotlight on rowing. Boutique rowing studios have begun to pop up around the country and the humble rowing machine will begin to be incorporated into more activity in classes. ‘Rowing has the benefit of targeting a large amount of the body’s muscle groups,’ explains Michelle Dand, Head of Fitness Product and Programming at David Lloyd Clubs. ‘It works the legs, core and arms, so it’s a real all-rounder.’

Just like cycling, rowing can be done to music and the intensity on the rower adapted to make it more difficult, so there’s a lot of scope for a varied and challenging class.

At David Lloyd Clubs, members can expect to see rowers become more prominent in existing classes. ‘Within our SYNRGY classes – small group circuit training classes that focus on cardio, strength, endurance and agility – some clubs will introduce ‘Lift and Row’, combining strength training with the cardio rowing offers,’ explains Michelle.

Wearable tech will continue to dominate in 2019, as training enthusiasts look to know more about their fitness levels and how their body works. Wearable tech can be also provide a huge boost to motivation by giving people a thorough analysis of how hard they have worked. Of course, it’s also good for healthy competition, whether that’s with yourself or others.

There are now lots of ways to track your fitness, from how many steps you’ve walked in a day on your phone or watch, to how much sleep you had last night. Fitness goers everywhere are looking for ways to make this tracking more and more accurate, so we expect to see more along the lines of technology such as MyZone belts. The MyZone belts are worn around the chest during exercise and track the heartbeat and give a calories burnt reading at the end of a session, it also means you can track your workouts and compare your performance as you train. ‘We use MyZone belts within our Blaze classes,’ explains Michelle. ‘It means you can see when you are working your hardest and you can track how long you spend in the hardest zone: the red zone. Heart rate monitoring and workout trackers add an extra element to your workout and can be competitive and encouraging at the same time.’

It’s not just tracking our exercises that’s a huge trend for fitness fanatics, personalising your workout is also going to be big in 2019. ‘This is less about recording your work out and more about tailoring your health and fitness routine so that it is hard working and individual,’ explains Michelle. ‘There are some clever features on the horizon. Among the most impressive is the ability to tap into gym equipment to bring up the relevant info and tracking for that specific machine,’ she adds.

We can also expect to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to deliver proactive daily health and fitness advice customised to the individual. If you missed your gym session, it could offer some alternative exercises to get in at a convenient time based around your calendar appointments or your location.

These coaches may offer health advice beyond fitness too, like keeping track of your nutrition. If you’ve eaten a lot of carbs, sugar or red meat one day and you turn up at a restaurant, it may try to sway you away from ordering a cheeseburger and point you in the direction of healthier items on the menu that would be better suited to your nutritional goals.

Eyewear : Super by Retrosuperfuture

X and Z are the new eyewear concepts by RETROSUPERFUTURE. SUPER by Retrosuperfuture® is a leading brand producing outstanding contemporary eyewear. Founded in Italy in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, SUPER has become highly popular for its eclectic collection of colorful acetate sunglasses.

The two sunglasses are characterised by their unique lens shape, sturdy metal structure and thick acetate temples. Conceived as sleek, bold frames that bring together essential elegant design with a hard-line streetwear aesthetic. X and Z boast a sharp and determined personality.

Recognized for its distinctive mix of eclectic aesthetics and beyond exceptional manufacturing quality, SUPER has been the eyewear of choice for a number of celebrities. Kanye West, Beyoncé, Yoko Ono, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, Jessica Alba and Valentino Rossi, have all spontaneously decided to sport SUPER sunglasses, confirming its position as one of the most interesting and innovative contemporary eyewear companies.

SUPER’s distribution network has significantly grown in the past years and its collections can currently be found in more than 20 countries around the world, especially in Asia, Europe and the United States, including some of the world’s most interesting shops, such as: Barneys New York, Ilori SoHo New York, Fred Segal Los Angeles, French Trotters Paris, SOTO Berlin, Excelsior Milan, Liberty House London, Lane Crawford Hong Kong, 10 Corso Como Korea. Additionally, SUPER has developed a series of special projects, teaming up with some of the most creative contemporary brands like Carhartt, A.P.C., 10 Corso Como, Études, Barneys, PAM or Liberty, as well as foundations such as Elton John AIDS Foundation.

After years of friendship and mutual admiration between the two companies and families, Red Circle—the family investment company of Renzo Rosso—acquired a minority stake in the Milanese brand in June 2017.

Starting from a classic, clean silhouette, SUPER has gradually built up their impressive collection, currently comprising of a long list of timeless yet cutting edge shapes. Silhouettes like the Flat Top, Ciccio, América, W, or distinctly feminine models like the Lucia and Drew, have become staples of SUPER’s collections and a continuous source of inspiration and playful interpretation by the brand’s creative team.

The new styles from the BMW Lifestyle collections

The BMW Lifestyle Collection, which contains an array of apparel and a large selection of accessories and luggage items, brings together modern trends and classical design elements to create a contemporary and elegantly sporty look.

The on-trend colour shade copper and eye-catching graphic elements inspired by the futuristic design of the BMW Concept Car Vision Next 100 provide stylish accents. For example, the “Alive Geometry” of the concept vehicle is reproduced in the haptic structure of the BMW Thermal Mug in high-quality stainless steel, as well as in the classy embossing on the BMW Notebook and on the inner lining of the high-sheen BMW Men’s Soft Down Jacket.

The copper colour shade brings an additional, very elegant contrast to the largely dark blue, grey and white items. The discreet shadow print of the BMW logo on the BMW Ladies’ T-Shirt in organic cotton and the copper-coloured zip fasteners of the sportyBMW Ladies’ Sweatshirt Jacket lend the outfits a distinctive style.

BMW Lifestyle
BMW M Collection – Sporty looks fuelled by dynamism and power.
By contrast, the dominant shades of the BMW M Collection are Black and Marina Bay Blue. The latter is the official colour of the new BMW M5 and was named after the Formula One race circuit in Singapore.

Employing high-tech materials such as carbon – which is used for the roof, rear spoiler and exterior mirrors of BMW’s M models – and Makrolon™ polycarbonate, the BMW M Collection reinforces its claim to elite sporting pedigree.

This is true not only of the apparel and accessories – such as the BMW M Women’s Sweatshirt Jacket, with carbon structure on the hood and back section, and theBMW M Rollerball, whose cap features the original BMW M5 paint finish – but also for the luggage items in the collection. The shape of the Makrolon™ polycarbonate BMW M Boardcase is inspired by the roofline of BMW M cars and is complemented to attractive effect by the distinctive carbon-fibre-look foil print in Marina Bay Blue and the four double-rollers featuring the BMW M5 rim design.

BMW i Collection.
The BMW i Collection embodies the fusion of sustainability, premium quality, innovation and exceptional design, and offers intelligent products for all areas of life.

The apparel stands out not only with puristic forms and understated colours, but above all through the use of distinctive cuts and resource-efficient materials. For example, the BMW i Women’s Jacket in organic cotton has an asymmetrical cut, a high-quality lining in an elegantly contrasting colour and a sophisticated design detail: its buttons are made from recycled paper.

The BMW i T-Shirt for ladies and men features both organic cotton and the eco-friendly lyocell-fibre material TENCEL®, which is produced from sustainably forested natural Eucalyptus wood and ensures the T-shirt is extremely soft to the touch.

The importance of conserving resources and enhancing sustainable production has also been taken into account with the accessories in the collection. For instance, “Appleskin” – an unusual vegan imitation leather made from apple fibre – is used for the BMW i Rucksack. Meanwhile, the selvedge residue left over from production of seats for BMW i cars is ingenuously reprocessed for use in the BMW i Pencil Set.

BMW Lifestyle
BMW The Collection.
A particular highlight of the BMW Lifestyle portfolio is the BMW The Collection. Inspired by the top-end BMW 7 Series Individual design elements and equipped with “Smart Travel Features”, the collection contains an exclusive selection of luxurious accessories and travel items, of which many have been co-developed with two highly credible premium partners: Montblanc and Horizn Studios.

Montblanc for BMW.
La Maison Montblanc – ambassadors for the culture of writing and purveyors of masterful handcraftsmanship for over 110 years – and BMW have extended their successful partnership into 2018. The collection put together exclusively for BMW includes large and small items made from the finest Italian leather, notably the Montblanc for BMW Pen Pouch, Montblanc for BMW Credit Card Holder andMontblanc for BMW Duffle Bag, and exquisite writing instruments, such as theMontblanc for BMW Fountain Pen with handcrafted 585 / 14 K gold nib and platinum-plated rings.

All the products in the collection share a unique Montblanc for BMW design, which takes its cues from the woven-look quilting of the seats in the BMW 7 Series Individual – in the form of either elegant leather embossing or the weave pattern of the royal-blue Jacquard lining.

Horizn Studios for BMW.
Since luxury also means providing thoroughly conceived solutions for our increasingly digitalised world, BMW Lifestyle has teamed up with international travel brand Horizn Studios to present a pair of chic travel items: the Horizn Studios for BMW Trolleyand Horizn Studios for BMW Boardcase.

As well as the tough, hard-shell construction made from aerospace-grade polycarbonate, the Italian leather and the low-noise Hinomoto® 360° rollers from Japan in exclusive BMW rim design, this luggage series also appeals with another, extremely practical feature: an integrated, removable power bank with a 10,000 mAh battery and two USB ports.

Two models will also be added to the BMW Bikes Collection in 2018. Thanks to its innovative folding mechanism and lightweight aluminium frame, the new and compactBMW Folding Bike makes the ideal city model for quick spins around town.

The new BMW City Scooter, meanwhile, offers even greater day-to-day flexibility with its folding mechanism, splash protection and kick stand for convenient parking.

BMW Lifestyle
BMW Lifestyle is also appealing to the youngest road users with the addition of the BMW Kids Scooter (in an array of colours) to the BMW Kids Collection. The BMW Kids Scooter can be adjusted according to age and ability, courtesy of a seat and integrated drawer for smaller children or a removable seat and height-adjustable handlebar as a pure scooter for bigger kids.

The line-up of BMW Miniatures will also gain a series of new models in 2018. Historic cars like the BMW M1 and BMW 507, and stars of the present day – such as the BMW M6 Convertible – all ensure that every detail of a BMW Miniature will put smiles on faces. The Miniature BMW Vision and Miniature BMW M6 GTLM John Baldessari add two very special models to the collection.

Superdry set to open new store in The Mall Luton

The Mall Luton has announced today that British lifestyle brand Superdry, will officially open its new store at the centre on Saturday 3rd November. Superdry who recently launched their A/W18 ranges topped The Mall’s list of ‘most requested’ stores in regular feedback from local shoppers.


The popular streetwear brand known for its high-quality products is set to celebrate its store opening with a DJ and scratch cards revealing exclusive discounts and free gifts available to Luton’s shoppers.

From versatile windcheaters for men to bright colour-pop women’s puffas to ready-for-anything multi-pocket backpacks, Superdry has the gear to see students through the year.

Drawing its influences from the 80s hip hop scenes of New York – Superdry’s outerwear, bags and streetwear are anything but subtle. Blacker than black jackets, bold clashing camos and neon will have others taking note; whilst an array of backpacks, shoulder and messenger bags help the struggle of adulating.

Featuring distinct hand-drawn graphics fresh out of the Superdry Creative Department, the brand’s unique tees and sweats will see students through – whether they’re headed out or recovering in. Underlining the season’s striking style is Superdry’s long term dedication to top-line quality.

A Superdry jacket is a real investment – whatever the weather. Fully quilted linings and double layer zip fastenings make them light enough for lingering summer days as well as crisp autumn and winter nights.

Superdry’s bags and backpacks are simply built to last – with padded backs and straps and a sturdy top-grab handle set to see students through anything, any day. And as with all products, Superdry sources the absolute best-quality fabrics for maximum comfort and longevity.

Introducing… E.N.B Watch Collection from ARMOGAN

Armogan introduce their new collection E.N.B, composed by 16 classic watches with a vintage and sporty image, especially designed for car lovers. The new watches from Armogan salute racing drivers and evoke the audacity, the refinement and the character of the adventurer who wears this watch.

In recognition of our Belgian heritage, E.N.B. refers to the « Ecurie Nationale Belge », Belgium’s celebrated formula one team of the 1950’s. Therefore, the E.N.B. collection pays tribute to the talent and perseverance of the Belgian racing drivers of the past, which are both part of the Armogan’s DNA.

Elegant, dynamic and sophisticated, the E.N.B. collection is available in a number of colour versions, and reflects for the audacious spirit of those with a hunger for the open road.

The new watches reinforce the attention to detail of Armogan, namely at the back of the dial, where there’s a car rim engraved. Also, the stopwatch with two counters inspired by these timepieces that measure the passion of the gentlemen drivers. The second subdial is a 24-hour indicator, recalling to these many endurance races. Finally, the contrast-stitched, perforated suede strap has been designed to echo the leather interiors of racing cars of the past.

Classic Ibiza to bring it back to Hatfield House next Summer

Classic Ibiza is bringing its heady blend of Balearic beats back to Hatfield House on Saturday 31 August 2019, following the resounding success of this summer’s concert. A limited number of early bird tickets are available today at a discounted price of £36 (£39.50 thereafter). Last year’s concert was a massive hit with the Hertfordshire audience, so sign up now if you don’t want to miss The Urban Soul Orchestra, DJ Goldierocks and a host of live vocalists perform some of dance music’s most iconic tracks.

Lisa Ward, Director of Revival Productions, organisers of Classic Ibiza, comments:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by enquiries about next year’s concert following the resounding success of our Hatfield debut over the summer. The weather certainly treating us all to a true taste of the White Isle for the last show of our seven venue UK tour. It was fantastic to see so many family groups in the audience. We have got some really exciting plans for next year, which will take Classic Ibiza to another level, so watch this space!”


Classic Ibiza starts with a chill-out set where people can enjoy their picnics and a drink, or dance along as the sun fades. Then DJ Goldierocks will turn things up in the interval, getting the crowd into the mood before the Urban Soul Orchestra and vocalists return to the stage to bring a vibrant atmosphere to the summer evening. One classic dance track will follow another, as the delightful grounds of Hatfield House turn into a magical, alfresco celebration, with accompanying lasers.

Classic Ibiza’s Facebook followers will once again be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite tracks to be added to the set-list next year. This year’s poll saw over 10,000 votes being casted, and the winning tracks were: Out of Space (The Prodigy), Hey Boy, Hey Girl (The Chemical Brothers), Free (Ultra Naté), Touch Me (Rui Da Silva, ft. Cassandra) and Rhythm Of The Night (Corona).

Stephen Hussey, conductor and founder of The Urban Soul Orchestra, comments:

“Going by the reaction of the Hatfield crowd over the summer we clearly hit the spot with the set-list, but I’m already busy delving into dance music’s rich archive of classic tracks to add some truly stonking tunes to next year’s programme. We’ve got a few other surprises up our sleeve too, which I can’t wait to share. See you next summer, Hatfield!”


In addition to the amazing artists, what really sets Classic Ibiza apart is that it is a concert for all the family. Set in the delightful outdoor setting of Hatfield House, with easy access to transport links, concert goers can bring their own food and drink, or take advantage of numerous stalls selling high-quality street-food and refreshments. Car-parking is free (both for coaches and cars), so whether you are six or 60 you are assured of having a fantastic evening in a safe and family-friendly environment.

USO has released “Classic Ibiza”, an album of iconic dance anthems, which features many of the tracks being played on the night and is available on CD and all major music websites and apps.

Tickets: Adults: early bird tickets: £36 (£39.50 thereafter). Children (aged 5 –16): £17.50. Under 5s: free.

Programme: 5:30pm: car parks and gates open. 7:30pm: chill-out set. 8:30pm: interval with live DJ. 9:00pm: dance set and laser light show. 10:15pm: concert finishes.

Classic Ibiza will also be performing at a number of other venues next summer. Tickets are already on sale for Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire (Saturday 29 June), Ragley Hall, Warwickshire (Saturday 6 July), Harewood House, Yorkshire (Saturday 20 July) and Bowood House, Wiltshire (Saturday 3 August). More venues and dates to be announced soon.

Visit www.classicibiza.co.uk or call the event box office on 01283 841601 for further information.

H&M to open new store in Intu, Watford

H&M are excited to announce the launch of H&M located in Intu, Watford. Based over 2 floors, the store will open its doors to customers at 11am on Thursday 18th October.

With full ladies, divided, kids and men’s concepts available, this new store will provide great quality fashion, at affordable prices, in a sustainable way. On launch morning, the first 200 lucky customers in the queue will receive an exclusive goodie bag. All customers who join the queue before 11am will receive a 25% discount wristband to redeem against their entire purchase that day. Customers will be welcome to peruse the available fashion collections while enjoying the latest tracks from an in-store DJ. 

H&M launch Moschino tv X H&M

“We are delighted to be opening a brand-new store in Intu, Watford. This ensures our Watford customers have an even better shopping experience and we are confident this new store will offer exactly that.” says Toni Galli, H&M’s Country Manager for UK & IE. 

H&M has recently launched its latest designer collaboration with Italian fashion brand Moschino. Here are our favourite pieces from the release which hits the stores on 8th November.

H&M launch Moschino tv X H&M

The MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection is a gift to my fans and I wanted to give them the most MOSCHINO collection ever. I tried to include all the ingredients you would expect from one of my shows – cartoon couture mixed with a street wear vibe doused with hip hop worthy amounts of bling bling to create a totally MOSCHINO look,”

Jeremy Scott, Creative Director – MOSCHINO

Beauty brands choose digital influencers over celebrities. Why?

Digital influencers have overtaken celebrities as the choice of promotional talent for 84% of beauty brands.

An in-depth report by celebrity and influencer marketing agency Celebrity Intelligence and media contact database Fashion and Beauty Monitor asked beauty marketing specialists about the ways in which their brands work with influencers.

A key finding was that brands’ investments in digital beauty influencer personalities is paying off – every £1 spent on beauty influencers in 2017 got an average ROI (return on investment) of £8.81, according to the report.

However, 33% of respondents said that their top reason for working with influencers is to build brand awareness rather than to drive direct sales, with 82% now relying on social media engagement figures as a strong measure of success.

A further 33% have been working with influencers for more than five years, and over that period have seen YouTube fall out of favour as the most successful platform for influencer partnerships in monetisation terms.

The report found that Instagram is now the channel of choice for 78% of the beauty industry in 2018 and is the best for monetisation, largely (57%) because an influencer’s audience engages the most on this channel – Instagram has an average engagement rate of 3.21% compared to an average of 1.5% across other social platforms, according to a separate study cited in the report.

Just 7% of respondents maintained that YouTube was still the channel that worked best for them. But regardless of the channel of choice, “female niche” (those who promote an organic or gluten-free lifestyle, for example) and “mid-tier” (with 100k-1m followers) digital influencers are in highest demand.

Beauty marketing specialists who answered the survey said this was because these personalities have few pre-existing commercial ties and are known for being authentic with their messages through everything they do. Authenticity is an important factor for brands when choosing who they work with now.

73% said Generation Z are pushing beauty companies to be more transparent and ethical, and 53% say this group has already been the biggest driver of change in business over past couple of years, as these digital-born consumers have a new set of expectations whereby they don’t want to be sold to in the traditional sense, but rather have a desire to be part of the creative process when working with or buying from brands.

The new Audi TT – an update for the design icon

Twenty years after the series premiere of the original TT, the third generation of the Audi TT is receiving a comprehensive update. The design icon takes the stage with a sporty and refined exterior design, higher-powered engines and an extended scope of standard equipment.

Audi TT Coupé

Young Drivers More Likely to Trigger High Impact Collision Alerts

Global pioneer of telematics based car insurance, insurethebox, has welcomed the recent EU law requiring cars to be fitted with an e-call button that alerts emergency services in the event of an accident. However, eCall will only be standard on brand-new cars manufactured after 1 April 2018; it won’t be retrofitted to older cars or existing models, leaving potentially millions of motorists without access to this potentially life-saving technology – especially young drivers who stand to benefit the most, but whose budget won’t stretch to a new car. According to new research by insurethebox, over 70% of high impact alerts recorded by its Accident Alerts service last year were triggered by 17-21 year olds.

Young Drivers More Likely to Trigger High Impact Collision Alerts

insurethebox believes that young motorists can access this critical safety feature through its Accident Alerts service, which does the job of eCall without the cost of a new car. The feature is part of an insurethebox telematics policy, and uses a number of data factors to assess a driver’s possible involvement in a collision. If a significant G-Force impact is registered, insurethebox examines the time of day, whether the vehicle is still moving, and the type of road the vehicle is on. If insurethebox detects a high impact, its team will attempt to contact the customer to check they are alright. If insurethebox is unable to reach the policyholder, its team will review and make a decision on whether to call the emergency services with the location of the vehicle.

More than 100,000 Accident Alerts have been triggered since insurethebox launched in 2010, and its most recent analysis shows that the emergency services were called 145 times during 2017 as a result of an Accident Alert.  The new research from insurethebox also revealed that vehicles on a 30mph road are six times more likely to trigger these high impact alerts, which indicate the driver’s possible involvement in a collision, than on a motorway. Additionally, nearly half of alerts (43%) are recorded after 5pm, with drivers six times more likely to require emergency services between midnight and 5am. In 2017, insurethebox received the highest number of Accident Alerts in December.

Young Drivers More Likely to Trigger High Impact Collision Alerts

Simon Rewell, Road Safety Manager at insurethebox, commented: “Our Accident Alert service is an example of telematics technology making UK roads safer. We provide young drivers the benefits of connected motoring – and they don’t need to buy a brand new car to access it. If an alert is triggered, we attempt to contact the driver to check that they are safe and help them if they have been involved in a collision. In the event of a high impact, if we cannot reach them, we will review and make a decision on whether to call the emergency services with the location of the vehicle,” he added.

Young Drivers More Likely to Trigger High Impact Collision Alerts

insurethebox policies offer an initial 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 miles of cover. Through a telematics black box installed in the vehicle, insurethebox uses individual driver data to determine the risk profile of each policyholder and calculate their premiums. insurethebox shares driving data with each customer through a personalised online portal, empowering them to better manage their driving habits in order to reduce their insurance risk profile – and therefore their premiums.

Alesha Dixon’s LittleBlackDress exceeds £2.5m

Following hotly on the (kitten!) heels of Victoria Beckham, fashion icon Alesha Dixon, makes her own statement with fashion business littleblackdress.co.uk. The company has confirmed positive news about a recent investment process. With a fourth funding round closed, the business has now raised a total of £2.5m. The latest cash injection will be used for job creation and further expansion.

Now approaching it’s fourth year, the premium e-retailer Littleblackdress.co.uk is growing and is broadly profitable, the company has announced. The occasion-wear market place LBD, is the biggest pure play occasion-wear website, selling only fabulous dresses for balls, proms, race days, weddings, date nights and red carpet events.

Alesha is very much a part of the company. She’s a shareholder, a board member and has helped design some of the most successful dresses sold on the website to date.

Littleblackdress.co.uk milestones include:

  • 90,000 fabulous dresses sold since launch.
  • 5,895,000 people have visited the website.
  • Over 1,500 dresses are available online now.
  • £10,000 raised for women’s charity Refuge.

Chairman, Ian Langley, explains: “The process we have gone through has seen all the business stakeholders standing together in the firm belief Little Black Dress remains a unique and highly desirable business proposition. We are now moving towards profitability, which in today’s world of turbulence in the retail sector, is a major achievement. We are confident that we are continuing our growth rate and remain quietly confident the next season will be better than ever, as we begin to take a stronghold as a premium luxury marketplace for fabulous dresses”

The latest investment will go towards upgrading technology, raising brand awareness online and exploration of an exclusive brand party range of dresses for AW18/19.

CEO Mark Evans, e-commerce retail consultant and former Shop Direct Creative Director, added: “One of the biggest challenges the business has faced has been cash flow like any other business. It has been a challenging and exciting year to say the least. We are pleased to say that we are entering the next phase of the brand’s development with a sense of confidence and optimism.

“We’re a brand that is all about bringing fabulous to our customers and the continued support of our brand partners has been invaluable. Future growth and expansion will come from ensuring we have the newest and the best brands on board.

“We help premium designers and independent brands reach new audiences, supporting them every step of the way with marketing, sales, customer services and logistical expertise, enabling the brands to focus on creating beautiful dresses. With over 40 brands online, and a range of dresses from £50 to £500, plus soon to be £5,000 we are aiming to become the ultimate marketplace for fabulous dresses.”


Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements