Can you remember when Mariah Carey could sing?

5th December 2014
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5th December 2014 Lee Hall

As the Christmas season really kicks into second gear we all know it means one thing. Annoying Christmas songs that get repeated in every store, every mall and on every channel.

Despite there being so many bad songs, there are a few little gems and one of those gems is Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want For Christmas’. It is probably one of a few Christmas songs you can stomach but based on her most recent performance, it seems like even this song should have been thrown in a Woolworths bargain bucket to die.  WARNING: Die hard Carey fans should not go any further.


If for any reason you don’t know what it ‘should’ sound like, here is the original video from Mariah when she had the world at her feet and we loved her for the diva that she was.


Pretty grim viewing for any Mariah Carey fans but this serves as an illustration as to why so many musical artists hide poor vocals behind the kind of circus show you see on X Factor. Think about it for one minute, if Mariah Carey can sound this bad without editing and backing singers, how bad would the contestants on most talent sound if they had to perform without the wonders of edited vocals and distracting pyrotechnics.

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