Confessions of an unemployed young adult

Sophie, have you rang that place about your application yet?” Said Dad. Soph, they’re looking for barmaids down the new pub opening up the road” Said Mum. What are you doing with your life Sophie?” – The grand old question I ask myself everyday.

The past six months, I have been back and forward with odd jobs, temp jobs and I spend majority of day.. and well night time, watching films that make me cry or being hooked on American TV shows. Being unemployed has made me a complete Pretty Little Liars addict, and waiting for the next episode is putting me completely on edge, I’m watching old episodes my withdrawal symptoms are that bad.


When I applied for university, I thought I would graduate with a guaranteed news reporter job or a broadcasting news anchor opportunity. But clearly my naivety got the best of me, as I am in the unclear percentage of graduates that hasn’t been able to grasp a full time job in any kind of industry.

A lot can change between pressing the ‘Apply’ button on the UCAS website to the day you receive your degree classification. 3 years I debated a career in media, a whole 36 months it took to realise I don’t and won’t have a guaranteed job with a well paid salary at the end. 3 years doesn’t seem that long does it? But, my undergraduate course sped by faster than I can say, “This is Sophie Tomblin reporting for BBC Look East.”

Being in higher full-time education, is a experience I won’t ever regret, but it is something that I will think about in terms of, did I study the right thing?

I went to university, confused, and left, well….confused.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, since I learned how to put pen to paper. I love how I can rant about my life and give people the opportunity to relate and get the pleasure from reading my non-stop embarrassments. But finding a full time job in this area is hard, and in the words of Drake, “I’m [starting] from the bottom.”

In today’s world, keeping financially stable is more important than finding a job you have always wished for and living with the debt of it. It’s something we can’t simply stand up to, and my question is, does studying for a further three years after A-Levels really help with the success in employment or should we attempt to gain experience after A-Level exams and climb the ladder from there?

Being a graduate, I have faced numerous amount of job applications that have replied with the same sentence over and over again:

We are looking with someone with more experience, but we will keep your application on file in case of other opportunities that may arise.”

How do I gain experience if no-one gives me experience to learn from? It’s sods law and it is and inevitable cycle we cannot escape.

You try your hardest to impress the employer with answering with smart, original answers you think no-one has come up with. Yet the same response has sprung back like a annoying boomerang.

When the application reads: “What would make YOU the perfect candidate for this job?”

I always want to write, “I’m probably not, but what makes you the perfect employer for me because this is the 500th application I’ve filled out today and I’m just looking for someone to believe in me and give me a break.” Would we ever get away with honesty, or do we have to continue to be a mystery behind an application, where employers may just toss us to the side?

This is confessions of the unemployed, frustrations of a graduate and a seeker of an employer. 

About Sophie Tomblin

Journalism Graduate, with a passion to have my own successful column one day! I'm a pro at not attending my paid for gym and a Nandos enthusiast.

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