Submit your event

If you would like to have your event featured on TrendLife Magazine website, all you need to do is add our logo to your flyer/artwork and submit it to us using the form below. If you have any questions, please email and we will get you set up within 12 hours. To ensure you event gets listed and the exposure that you want, just follow the simple rules below:-

1. Be as descriptive as possible. Remember, you are promoting your event/brand in front of an audience of thousands so make your listing stand out and try not to copy your event listing details from the flyer or Facebook. If the listing does not have enough information, we will not list it. If you have photos, please include them with your submission in a zip or rar file. The more images, the better.

2. Complete the entire form and ensure that you have spelled checked and proofed your submission for errors. Please DOUBLE check that our logo is on the artwork. If you already printed your flyers, please let us know in your submission.

3. Avoid the use of CAPS. They look unprofessional and all submissions with caps will be reverted to lower case. If you submit your event in all caps, it will only delay the time it takes to get listed.

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