Destiny’s Child are back

18th February 2013
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18th February 2013 Lee Hall

After eight years apart, Destiny’s Child have got back together in the studio and knocked out an album called Love Songs. The first release is set to be a newly written track, Nuclear, which was produced by Pharrell Williams of Neptunes.

The track itself is good but lets be perfectly honest, despite all the critical success in the charts that was achieved with the singles off the album ‘Survivor‘, Destiny’s Child just are not the same exciting group that brought us ‘The Writing’s on the Wall‘ or the original self entitled album ‘Destiny’s Child‘. Granted, Survivor did not have the same people working on production and two of the original members were thrown onto the unforgiving ‘almost made it’ pile but that is not the reason.

Whatever that reason maybe, Beyonce and lets not forget her Daddy have laughed all the way to the bank while Kelly Rowland has been forced to be a guest host on some little show called X Factor and rumour has it Michelle went back to the church with the collection plate.

In conclusion, like the newly reformed Sugababes out to try it one more time, the reforming of Destiny’s Child may not be a blessing as they probably will not be able to reach the heights they previously achieved. With the success Beyonce and Kelly have had as solo artists , we believe this may be a case when the whole is not greater than the sum of all parts when you factor in a loss of focus, old age, a baby and Michelle’s wailing voice.


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