Feel-good confidence tips: Bring on the Winter

It’s December which means rich puddings, delicious dinners and lots of alcohol, but it’s only a matter of time before we’re hit with ‘get fit’ videos, articles about how many diets we should be doing and New Year resolutions to join the gym! After Christmas we are bombarded with the media telling us what we should be doing ultimately making us feel guilty for enjoying our Christmases, so I have decided to write an article highlighting exactly how to build your confidence and beat the low self-esteem blues without making you feel any guilt in the slightest, so enjoy your Christmas treats!

Add an accessory/item of clothing!

I feel most confident when I dress myself up in a way that makes me feel good, especially by adding an accessory. Forget hats as they are not suitable for everyone and instead, use a pretty hair clip or beautiful hair accessories to make you feel that little bit more secure. I often find this tip is perfect for those who never really do their hair up because it will certainly highlight the small effort you have put into yourself! Plus, the Accessories store does some stunning confidence-boosting bits and pieces. If hair isn’t your thing or your hair is too short, a sparkly scarf or a broach are certainly good alternatives but make sure they are full of sparkle to show off your post/pre-Christmas spirit!

Be kind to yourself!

This is the best tip, and one I started using in November. Work your body from the inside out? Being confident doesn’t necessarily come from a new outfit, new make-up or new gym memberships; it truly is the power of you.

  • Water, and lots of it will help you stay hydrated meaning your skin and hair will benefit from the help you’re giving yourself, even if you’re having blowout after blowout.
  • MOISTURISE and a happy little tip here for you… It doesn’t have to be expensive either!!! I’ve been using Bio Oil I bought recently and each morning and night I rub the lovely smelling oil into my skin and since November I have noticed such a difference. My skin feels plumper, it feels smoother and some scars I have from the odd spot that never disappears has practically gone.
  • The vitamin guide: Cod Liver Oil, Primrose Oil and Vitamin E Oil, all in the form of a capsule and my oh my will you notice a difference. Your skin will feel that little bit suppler, your eyes will look that tiny bit brighter and your hair will reap in the benefits and because of this harsh winter weather, you need your vitamins and these truly will work wonders. If you haven’t got Bio Oil or any other moisturiser that works with your skin, try piercing a capsule of Vitamin E and rubbing that on your face, neck and arms. It will work the same as Oil and as it is Vitamin E, your skin will feel beautifully hydrated.


Listening to music as I get ready to go out without a doubt will make me feel good and ready to go! It is such a good way of increasing confidence levels as much as watching that hilarious Rom Com you got for Christmas. Blasting out some of my favourite tunes and singing along at the top of my voice as I paint my nails makes getting ready to go out brilliant fun. Let’s forget about the “top 40 hits” too and throw on some old school classics, I’m talking those classics from the Bridget Jones Diary film, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and don’t forget Chaka Khan.

Highlights? Lowlights? Blow Dry?

The best feeling in the world is sitting in the massage chair at your favourite hairdressers and having them work their magic on your dry colour-fading locks. Whether it’s a chop, blow-dry or new colour, nothing beats the TLC the hairdressers give to your tresses. Whenever I head to the hairdressers and have my trim and blow-dry I always feel glossy on the outside and glossy on the inside. The confidence boost is astonishing and even sipping the complimentary cup of tea they give you helps the situation too!

Okay, I know, I know, but exercise IS important!

I used to be a Judo fanatic but with my busy work life, exercise does tend to go on the backburner however, this doesn’t mean you can skip out on it altogether. Whilst the gym might be too expensive or the cold just isn’t enticing to go out for that morning jog. Grab some cans of soup and work on those arms. Hold the cans out and straighten your arms to the side of your body and gently rotate your arms round and round until you feel this warm heat build-up. It’ll tone your arms in no time, but just make sure to shake it all out, the lactic acid that builds up will hurt in the morning! Remember, exercise DOES make you feel better, even if you hate it!


Lashes. Just yes. I adore fake eyelashes, not because mine aren’t long enough but because putting on your fakies just as you’re about to go out always seems to add this extra bit of confidence to me. I feel brighter and my eyes always look highlighted and prominent giving the perfect desired look I have always wanted. My favourite ones are Eyelure Naturalites Evening Wear and they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


A natural source of sugar and vitamin and the right ones will keep your glowing and awake all day long. Do yourself a favour and have an orange, and apple and a banana each morning with a dollop of yoghurt. You’ll get your one-a-day and you’ll feel healthier, happier and hydrated all day long. Fruit is so good for you and during the winter periods, gorging on fatty foods seems more appealing but you’ll reap the benefits if you treat yourself to some fruity goodness.

About Katie Smith

My name is Katie and I am a graduate from Canterbury Christ Church University with a degree in Film, TV and Radio and Digital Media. I have a huge love for scriptwriting, writing, photography and design.

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