Finishing 4th is not a trophy

21st April 2013
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21st April 2013 Lee Hall

It is very important that Arsenal fans do not take this at a dig at their club. Their club has an amazing history. Since I started watching football as a toddler in the 80’s, I have always had a fondness for the Gunners as they have brought the premier league, in fact, football, some amazing moments. This post is simply about the idea that finishing 4th is something to be happy with. A sentiment that is slowly infecting Gunners fans at an alarming rate.

Being a Liverpool fan, I am used to admitting that my own team are not delivering the goods and a number of players, past and present are just not good enough. Try getting this out of an Arsenal fan and out comes the automatic response,  “blah blah blah… blah blah blah… but we are always in the top four’. No one needs to remind Arsenal supporters how long they have been trophy-less.  I could only image the feeling is comparable to being reminded that your girlfriend once enjoyed nights in with someone else.

Arsenal Winners

Despite the fact that Arsenal have given us some amazing moments in the league over the last ten years, I personally cannot see why they are keeping the faith in Arsene’s philosophy of ‘buy em cheap and flog ’em for more’. Yes, it could be argued that my beloved ‘Pool are not any better but at the very least we have delivered a few cups and the Champions league in that same period and not charged £4 for a slice of pizza topped with half a sliced hot dog. I guess the question I would like to ask Arsenal fans is simple. Do you see qualifying for Europe as an achievement or a by-product of not being good enough to win the league?

Anyway, I doubt I will ever get the answer so here is my top free Arsenal goals in the last ten years. Enjoy.

3. Bergkamp vs Newcastle


2. Van Persie Vs Charlton


1. King Henry – Take your pick


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