Five reasons why Kanye West should headline Glastonbury

It seems that selling 20 million plus albums, 70 million plus digital downloads and 21 Grammys doesn’t entitle you to a shot at headlining Glastonbury if your name is Kayne West. In a week that has seen Jeremy Clarkson sacked from the BBC’s Top Gear, the next big debate for the nation is Glastonbury’s choice to recruit Kanye’s services for the main Pyrmaid stage is raging on.  Like Marmite, Kanye does divide opinions but we think there are five reasons why he is the perfect choice.

My momma used to say only Jesus can save us
My momma used to say only Jesus can save us – Praise Yeejus

1. Jesus Walks

Yes, he does think of himself as a God and that could come across as arrogant if he was a accountant or marketing exe but we are talking about a rapper. The ONE irrefutable fact about Rap or Hip-Hop in general is like MMA, it is a combat sport. Bragging and boasting is commonplace in music. It is essential in Rap and the main reason why he is headlining and your favourite rapper is not. Kanye is the biggest thing in Hip Hop.

Move over Stevie...
Move over Stevie… there is a new wonder in town

2. Yezzy Taught Me

Since dropping ‘The College Drop Out”, Kanye has worked with the widest range of musicians and artists who he could call upon at the drop of a hat. Putting aside Hip-Hop’s current heavyweights, Kanye has worked with Daft Punk, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Mr Hudson, indie-folk band Bon Iver and probably the biggest musician alive, Sir Paul McCartney to name a few. Most of these artists have performed with Kanye on stage before.

3. Hits after hits after hits

Only a idiot would say Kanye West doesn’t have hits. Three (maybe four at a push) critically acclaimed albums packed with hits ranging from the recent ‘Four Five Seconds’ to these breakthrough classics. His back-catalogue has something for everyone.




4. Rappers are the new rock stars

A few years ago, Oasis lead singer Noel Gallagher said “Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music… I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.” Despite the initial outcries, Jay Z went on to deliver a well rounded set which included a tongue-in-cheek moment that has gone down in Glastonbury history.


Time is running out for the rock dinosaurs who think Glastonbury should not move with the times. If Jay Z can deliver a decent performance, only God knows what Kanye could bring to stage. Could you imagine him finishing with Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney live on stage?


5. Imma let you finish…

This is where Kanye really divides opinions. It is good to rant from time to time and we Brits love a good rant but the problem is no one can relate to most of Kanye’s rants. There is no way Kanye is going to do Glastonbury without a rant but if he can keep it under 60 seconds, everything will be fine. Anything over a minute and he better be ready to wheel Paul McCartney and his banjo out.

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