24th February 2013 Lee Hall

Get healthy. Today.

Fitness is a lifetime habit, or at least, it should be. Unfortunately, some of us don’t pick up the habit until later in life. However, there are general guidelines we can all use at any age to help stay on the path of fitness which helps prolong and make more enjoyable this little thing we call life. Follow these guidelines for fitness and wellness to make your lifetime of fitness easier and more rewarding.

18-29 Years Old

Simple to do. Great results

These are your prime years, athletically speaking. Your body can attain its peak physical conditioning at this age with relative ease. You can eat at KFC and not notice a thing. But don’t fall in that trap. Use your youth to build a great cardiovascular and muscular base that will benefit you in your long years. If possible, try to condition your body for both cardio heavy events, like five or 10-Ks, half and full marathons. Be careful of your dietary choices, it’s easy to wolf down cheeseburgers, but these are good only in moderation. Also, treat your liver and brain with respect…you’ll need them later.

30-39 Years Old

Press ups

Maybe the mileage is starting to catch up with us here.  Maybe we fell off after college, when kids and a mortgage got to us. Now is the time to make up lost ground.  You can still reach physical peaks in this time-frame, you’re just going to have to work a little harder for it as your metabolism has slowed. If you don’t belong to a gym, join one. Right now. Start going to Spin, Bootcamp, or another type of exercise class. It will help you get re-motivated even if you are a gym-everyday kind-of-person. Starting, picking back up, or maintaining good fitness habits at this age will not only payoff for you later, it sets the right message for your kids, too.

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