Give him the gift of luxury for Father’s Day

15th June 2015 Lee Hall

Having trouble thinking of the perfect Father’s Day gift? Give your dearest dad a touch of true luxury this year with a present that reflects your love and respect – whether it be the ultimate style item, luscious scent or quirky accessory.

Italian fashion brand Angelo Galasso, luxury perfume house Xerjoff and experts in pens Pen Heaven, have each nominated a few special items to put a smile on your dad’s face for Father’s Day.

Style – Angelo Galasso

A timeless style piece should be beautiful, classic and made of exquisite quality.

Angelo Galasso - Polso Orologio
The Polso Orologio shirt – starting at £680

Every man should have a well-cut shirt made from the finest quality material in his wardrobe. The signature watch cuff shirt, Polso Orologio, was inspired by former Fiat President and style icon, Gianni Agnelli, who had to wear his watch over his shirt due to an allergy. The inimitable piece is entirely handmade – a statement piece that your dad will feel sophisticated in (as well as get plenty of compliments for!).

The Watch – bespoke orders starting at £240,000

How about a watch to match the shirt? The ultimate gift for those with a higher budget, Angelo Galasso’s solid gold watch studded in black and white diamonds has the eponymous AG symbol at the front, as well as a crown topped with a white diamond. This exclusive, extremely luxurious bespoke product will leave him speechless.

Scent – Xerjoff

A man’s scent is his signature and a subtle way to express his personality.

Xerjoff - Homme

HOMME – stocked at Harrods £520 (100 ml) or

The epitome of what a man should smell like; strong,noble and elegant with powerful leather, followed by a blend of Mediterranean citrus, exotic spices and cloves. Your dad will treasure it (and your mom will love you for it!).

Xerjoff - 40 Knots

40 KNOTS – stocked at Harrods (50ml) £155

The embodiment of sea side adventures sailing in the Med. This scent symbolises the unpredictable risk-takers, those talented individuals who live without boundaries, find beauty in a challenge and remain calm in a storm.

Accessories – Pen Heaven

Everybody from James Bond to Gordon Gekko carried a pen; used to mark ones authority and even as a product of mass destruction (007 in Goldeneye).

Pen Heaven - USUS
USUS aluminium magnetic pen– stocked at Pen Heaven £45.90

Futuristic and fun, this ballpoint pen is the ultimate desktop toy for any man. It is pocketsize when not in use, opening into a full-size pen with the use of a unique twist mechanism – gadget geeks will love it!

Pen Heaven - The Bullet
The Bullet
– stocked at Pen Heaven £32.50

Ever heard of a pen with a built-in Swiss Army Knife set? Adventurers will appreciate the Fisher Space Pen (also known as The Bullet) which has a sealed, pressurised ink system that allows it to write in a smooth line even in the most extreme of temperatures.

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