Google Glass. What you need to know.

Google are preparing to take modern technology to new heights with the release of the Google Glass, the first product of its type to ever have been released. Most of us geeks have kept a close eye on Project Glass since its announcement in June 2012 and now, with videos that reveal how they will work and what exactly you can do with them, fans have already signed up to a competition that Google is running prior to launch this year.

The concept of the Google Glass is to allow the user to connect through speech and engage in a few of the basic features that are available on the traditional Android. This includes instant messaging, browsing, taking pictures and recording videos to name a few. This official Google Glass advert shows how Google would ‘like you to use it’.


The attraction of Google Glass lies within its potential capabilities in the future. What we know from video previews released in February is that by using the Google Glass we can capture what we see through our own eyes as well as access the Internet and connect to other owners through social networking. Yes, your phone and tablet can do it better but not too long ago, people laughed at HP when they threw millions at silly idea of a laptop with no keys and a touch screen. Rumored prices in the UK are around the £1000 mark but that may vary depending on if you will need some type of contract for mobile data.

While some think the concept is truly breathtaking and would happily queue for three days in Luton’s Arndale shopping mall, others have questioned why people would wear glasses when (a) they don’t need to and (b) they look slightly odd. There is no doubt these will be popular amongst Android fans but convincing all those Apple fans to turn to the dark side will prove a challenge. There is also the issue of the user using the glasses for shady purposes…


Look out for our comprehensive review in our April issue.

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