Harlem claims back its Shake

Unless you have been hiding in a bunker over the last few weeks, you will have seen at least one of the viral Harlem Shake videos that has been doing the rounds and while many of the videos have provided laughs to the estimated 150 million viewers, the residents of Harlem and those who know the original and authentic dance move have taken offence. So much so, Harlem has reclaimed it’s dance.


The history of the Harlem Shake that was born in Harlem is pretty simple. In the golden era of Hip Hop (around 1980-81), a Harlem resident by the name of Al B introduced the dance which quickly caught the attention of the Hip Hop community. Within Harlem it was known as the Albee but like everything, once it gets popular, things change and that is when it went from the Albee to the Harlem Shake.

Fast forward thirty years, add in a Harry Rodrigues aka Baauer, some Australian kids, Youtube plus some bored individuals and you will be right about here where we have the whole world and his washing machine doing The Harlem Shake.

Let’s make this clear from the start. They may share the same name but they are two complete different things.

Here are our top 3 *Harlem Shake* Videos

1. Washing Machine


2. Manchester City Squad


3. G Dep – Special Delivery (look out for Harlem native Diddy)



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