Introducing a better way to shave with Cornerstone

From Tim Howard’s and Pirlo’s masterclasses in the World Cup to Russell Brands political exploits and Bradley Cooper’s Oscar selfie No matter where you have looked, neatly kept beards have been the order of day in 2014.


What is cornerstone?

Cornerstone is new men’s shaving brand offering a flexible, regular delivery of its razors and shaving products. It’s a simple, more convenient way for men to shave.

The journey begins at, where customers are asked two questions:

(i) How often do you shave?
(ii) Which products from the Cornerstone range would you like in your box?

Cornerstone uses these answers to suggest a regular delivery schedule tailored to the customer’s personal shaving routine. Before each scheduled delivery, the customer receives an email to alert them of their upcoming delivery, giving them the chance to change their product selection or the delivery schedule of their Cornerstone box, as well as allowing them to cancel or pause their plan at any time if they’re not ready for their next set of products.

The birth of cornerstone

Young entrepreneur Oliver Bridge launched Cornerstone in June 2014, having raised £175,000 from a group of angel investors and teamed up with leading packaging designers, dermatologists and web developers to bring the idea to life. Cornerstone was born out of Oliver’s personal frustrations with the discomfort and expensive nature of wet shaving – he felt that combining quality products with modern technology would be a powerful way to disrupt the men’s shaving market.

The product range

Pre-Shave Face Scrub – blended with volcanic sand and cedarwood to help release ingrowing hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells.

Cornerstone Face scrub

Shave Gel – blended with ginger and eucalyptus, protecting and rehydrating skin to help reduce shaving irritation.

Picture 3098
Razor Blades + Aluminium Razor Handle – sharp, durable razors mounted on a lightweight alloy aluminium razor handle. Each razor has five blades, an aloe vera moisturising strip and a flexbile head for precision and control.

Cornerstone Product Set

Post-Shave Balm – blended with mint and honey to cool, refresh and moisturise skin after shaving.

Picture 3098

For a chance to win your own cornerstone box, follow @cornerstone_HQ and tweet @TrendLife_UK to tell us which of the following bearded gents has the most Twitter followers. Make sure you use hashtag #ShaveBetterWithCornerstone. Compeition winner will be picked at random. Competition closes 19th September 2014.

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