Modern Man - Anthony Joshua

Is AJ the blueprint for the modern man?

Let’s be honest, becoming a modern man today is no harder than it was a century ago. It’s was simply about following basic principles to achieve set goals and that still applies. It can be argued that many of the components such as lifestyle, technology and attitudes to the opposite sex have changed the goals over time, but so has the type of role model we base the blueprint of modern man on.

But has it changed so much that a we could consider Anthony Joshua as the blueprint for the modern man?

Is AJ the blueprint for the modern man?

Traveling back to Heathrow from Vienna, I picked up my complimentary copy of British Airways’ High Life magazine. On the cover was the self made millionaire from came from humble beginnings to become on of the most recognisable faces in the UK. From TV to print media, AJ is everywhere. He represents a number of high profile brands including Land Rover, Beats By Dre, Audemars Piguet, Under Amour and many more. But does he have the qualities to base the model of modern man?

What is the modern man?

At the very core of the modern man regardless of his socioeconomic position in life, is the desire to be the hunter gatherer, protector and provider.

Nothing screams protector and hunter gather more than attempting to unify the heavyweight boxing division whilst walking away with a seven figure cheque. Using your hands to knock the living daylights out people for fame and money is about as alpha male as it gets. Think Roman Gladiator.

But what about the other unspoken qualities that make the modern man? The kind of qualities that replaced misogyny, boastful machismo attitude and a fear of PDA. Well, AJ has had no fear opening up publicly about things that once would be considered personal and is happy to show his love for his mum.

The other “qualities” of the modern man

  1. Allows himself to be vulnerable. He is willing to express his failures. He is able to be open and honest about his thoughts and feelings on particular beliefs, situations, or similar aspects with people who will respect him, even if they disagree.
  2. A modern man is willing to take a risk. He is willing to ignore the consequences or rewards and just do it.
  3. The modern man is self-sustainable. He can be on his own or with others, makes little difference.
  4. Modern men have integrity. They are rooted in their beliefs and values. Those beliefs and values are in alignment with who they want to be.
  5. He’s goal-driven. He understands the importance of setting goals and strives to meet those goals.