J Cole takes a swipe at Kanye on new track

2nd December 2016
2nd December 2016 Lee Hall

If creating a tsunami of interest in his new album ‘4 Your Eyez Onlywas not enough for one week, German born / North Carolina lyricist J Cole is attempting to break the internet by shining the light on Kanye West’s recent fall from grace on his new track ‘False Prophets‘.

Some will see it as a diss track at first when you consider he holds no punches with lines such as:-

… justifying that half ass shit he dropped / we always buy it…

The track is more of an ode to the old Kanye that gave us The College Dropout as a opposed to a straight Ether/Takeover diss but shots have stilled being fired at the most inconvenient time for Kanye West. Take a listen for yourself.


There is no doubt that J Cole is talking about Yezzy in the 1st verse and equally, there is no denying that he is raising some valid points but the timing really could not be worse. Kanye is in a very dark place and having another rapper promote the launch of his latest work on your misfortunes may come as a kick in the teeth. As Kanye said on All Falls Down…

It seems we living the American dream
The people highest up got the lowest self esteem
The prettiest people do the ugliest things


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