Kanye’s “Gone” is back 8 years later

11th October 2013
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11th October 2013 Lee Hall

It has been just an average week in the life of Kanye West. Fresh from confronting and squashing the beef live on stage with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye has entered the Billboard’s Top 100 this week with ‘Gone’ thanks to a viral YouTube video doing the rounds. Who would have thought someone handing in their notice at work would be so entertaining?

Two weeks ago, news video writer/producer Marina Shifrin released a video on YouTube explaining to her boss ‘I quit’. Set to Kanye West’s “Gone”, the clip shows Shifrin shuffling around her empty office at 4:30 a.m highlighting why she is ‘Gone’ and as you can expect, quickly went viral. 15 million views later, the video as made all kinds of noise in the press, in addition to Shifrin receiving a job offer from rapper and chat show host Queen Latifah.


So, West is back in the charts in the US but you won’t find “Gone” on the recently released Yeezus. West fans will be able to tell you that you’ll need to go back about eight years to the critically acclaimed Late Registration. That’s right, West’s track “Gone” featuring Cam’ron and Consequence has debuted at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, thanks to Shifrin and the power of viral videos.


This recent episode in the fascinating life of Yeezy only serves as fuel to his fans that support his beliefs that were aired in the recent BBC1 interview with Zane Lowe. Is Kanye overlooked by the masses? Can he only succeed when controversy is attached to his work? You decide.


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