Kay Prosper - Luton Mall

Kay Prosper draws in large crowd at The Mall Luton with live workout sessions

Shoppers and boxing enthusiasts were treated to live workout sessions with local Luton Boxer Kay Prosper at The Mall on Saturday 2nd March.

Ahead of Kay’s fight to become the English Super Lightweight Champion, the Luton boxer headed to The Mall to hold public workout sessions.

The event took place in Central Square, with Kay taking centre stage in The Mall’s very own boxing ring. Kay displayed his training techniques and showcased what it takes to become a professional boxer.

The Mall’s shoppers were thrilled to have the chance to watch Kay up close whilst visiting some of their favourite stores.

Kay also took time out to answer some of the crowd’s questions and provided further insight into his training programme and how he juggles day to day life.

Kay also welcomed students from his boxing club Hockwell Ring ABC, who also ran live demonstrations at The Mall.

Kay Prosper draws in large crowd at The Mall Luton
On Saturday 16th March, Kay will be fighting for the English Super Lightweight Championship at York Hall, Bethnal Green where he aims to build on Luton’s rich boxing heritage.

Lavinia Douglass, Marketing Manager at The Mall Luton, commented: “We were delighted to welcome Kay to The Mall on Saturday with his live workout sessions proving very popular with shoppers and the local community. It’s been great to be able to work alongside such a local rising star and we wish Kay the best of luck for his upcoming fight to become the English Super Lightweight Champion.”

Kay Prosper commented: “It was a privilege to be able to come to The Mall and showcase my skills in front of fellow Lutonians. The crowd were very supportive, and it was great to feed off such positive energy. Thank you to The Mall, Hockwell Ring ABC, all my sponsors and most importantly the people of Luton.”

Kay became runner up in the ABA championships and 30 fights later is now a professional Boxer who boasts an outstanding record of 12 wins and only one loss. Kay, a previous Love Luton sporting Inspiration runner-up, has many roles including proud father, football coach, boxing coach and trainee teacher all whilst studying for a master’s degree.

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