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Love Island 2019: Whose Instagram following grew 4461%

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It has been a turbulent two months as the ITV2 reality show has been shrouded with controversial recouplings, unexpected love triangles and an arguably less enthusiastic bunch of Islanders.

Even so, the show experienced record-breaking viewership figures after 6 million tuned in to watch the opening episode – a staggering 1.7million more than the 2018 final.

Amber and Greg may have won the show, but who were the winners in terms of their social media following?

Digital marketing company Rebootonline.com conducted a social media study, tracking Instagram followings for all 36 Love Island contestants. Readings were taken every Monday night, at every recoupling, dumping and significant events such as Casa Amor. The data was then used to illustrate which Islander had the highest percentage increase from beginning to end and how many followers they gained in total.

Love Island 2019: Whose Instagram following grew

The Winners: 

Amber and Greg left the villa with 1,600,000 and 415,000 followers respectively. An impressive turnaround for newcomer Greg, considering he only entered on day 44 with just 36,000 followers –1053% increase.

The Islanders who reached 1 million followers the fastest:- Amber Gill

Love Islands’ Amber Gill | ©ITV


Whereas, Amber who entered with 86,600 followers on Instagram, not only grew by 1748%, but had the third highest increase in the number of new followers – 1,513,400 and the third highest follower count upon winning. 

As of 2nd August, Amber has 2.4million followers, and Greg boasts 1.1million. 

Runners Up: 

Tommy and Molly may not have won the £50,000 but collectively gained the most followers, leaving with 2,000,000 and 2,300,000 respectively – 3,859,000 collectively. Ovie and India – 1,200,000 and 519,000 Curits and Maura – 1,100,000 and 1,400,000 

The Islanders with the most followers when entering the villa: 

Jourdan Riane (301,000), India Reynolds (290,000), Molly-Mae Hague (268,000), Tommy Fury (173,000) and Lucie Donlan with 157,000. 

The Islanders with the most followers when leaving the villa: 

Molly-Mae Hague (2,300,000), Tommy Fury (2,000,000), Amber Gill (1,600,000), Maura Higgins (1,400,000) and Ovie Soko and Lucie Donlan with 1,200,000. 

The Islanders with the highest percentage increase were as follows: 

Chis Taylor (4461%), Ovie Soko (3188%), Jordan Hames (2700%), Belle Hassan (1864%) and Maura Higgins (1836%). 

The Islanders with the highest number of new followers were as follows: 

Runners up Molly-Mae Hague (2,032,000) and Tommy Fury (1,827,000), Amber Gill (1,513,000), Maura Higgins (1,327,700) and Ovie Soko (1,163,500).


The Islanders who reached 1 million followers the fastest:- Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury – Copyright @ITV

The Islanders who reached 1 million followers the fastest: 

  • Tommy Fury – day 16 
  • Molly-Mae Hague – day 21 
  • Lucie Donlan – day 22 

Key Events 

Curtis Pritchard’s former love interest Amy Hart voluntarily left the villa on day 37, after Curtis broke her heart following Casa Amor. When Amy left the villa, she had 705,000 followers on Instagram; an increase of 645,900 (1093%) from when she entered the villa. 

And the show wouldn’t be the same without Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames stirring up some drama, after Jordan made smooth moves on new girl India. Thankfully, the couple didn’t have to live with each other too much longer as on day 52 they were dumped from the Island. Anna Vakili had Information for immediate release Rebootonline.com 

122,000 followers on day 1, leaving with 1 million – a 720% increase, and 878,000 new followers. 

Whilst, Jordan, who came into the villa on day 14 with 17,500 Instagram followers, subsequently left with 490,000 – a 2700% increase; the third highest percentage growth. 

Firefighter and Liverpudlian Michael Griffiths, one of the first contestants to join the villa caused controversy when he recoupled with Joanna Chimonides, ditching Amber Gill. His exit came on day 49, and his social following had increased to 968,000 from 71,400. 

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