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25th January 2014
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25th January 2014 hyfrjessica

I know what you’re possibly thinking, “what the hell is a skort?”, “a skort?”, “what a hideous name”. Despite the odd looking and sounding name, this unique combination of a funky skirt look at the front, followed by a conservative & formal short look at the back have made a grand appearance in the fashion world and anyone who is anyone wants to nab a pair.


When I first saw these skorts on Kendall Jenner (the 18 year old half-sister of the infamous Kardashians sisters who dreams of being a high fashion model), I absolutely loved the look. She killed it with a shirt from her Pacsun Collection with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner and a pair of cute booties. It was the outrageous looking  bottoms that really grabbed my attention and then decided from then on to make it my mission to find these shorts.


Luckily for me this skort was a piece from Zara Basic Collection at a price of £24.99 – and not from a top price designer like Balmain or Givenchy – as soon as I discovered it on a shopping trip it went straight into my shopping basket and on its way to the till.


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