Mini present the MINI Citysurfer Concept

MINI presents an innovative concept providing increased flexibility for individual mobility in conurbation areas; MINI Citysurfer Concept combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with an electric drive and expressive design features in the style of the British premium brand.

The MINI Citysurfer Concept has safe, versatile and agile riding properties, large wheels with pneumatic tyres also make it suitable for bumpy paths, low foot board, stable frame and height-adjustable handlebars; three brake systems which operate independently of each other; recuperation brake via electric drive generator function, hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear wheel; excellent deceleration and agile handling since there are no limits to the rider in shifting the centre of gravity; good all-round view and visibility to other road users due to upright riding position; folding concept with safety function for correct engagement when unfolding.


Protection from dirt and weather impact is due to cleverly designed trim parts and wheel covers at both the front and rear; extended range of potential use of the MINI Citysurfer Concept for both private and work-based mobility; additional everyday functionality with mobile phone holder and charge facility on the handle bars; use of Last Mile Navigation possible in conjunction with the MINI Connected XL Journey Mate.


The power is supplied via lithium-ion battery permanently installed in the frame. Charging is done via a 12-volt automobile socket or household socket. There is also talk of KERS – charging during travel by means of brake energy regeneration when brake is activated. To conserve power, a battery management system with integrated power electronics delivers an electric range of 10 – 15 miles and should you run out of power, you can use your legs to power you home at any time without resistance from the motor.