New luxurious leather jewellery house launches

High end accessories are reinvented this year with the launch of a luxury Italian jewellery house retailing an exclusive range of leather accessories and bejewelled clutch purses. Crafted with the finest materials sourced from around the globe, every FORTEDEMARMI piece embodies the essence of up-to-the-minute luxury.

Unique, extravagant and definitively dazzling, FORTEDEMARMI re-imagines conventional approaches to jewellery. Viewing accessories as more than just a fashion statement, the boutique is driven by a desire to embed every piece with intrinsic meaning and beauty.


Alessandro and Alena Lotti, co-owners of FORTEDEMARMI said, “Yes, jewels can be material objects but to us a pure jewel is the heart and soul of an individual surrounded by an aura of light. Our creations bring together the inner illumination of a person with the tangible beauty of precious jewels.”

Every piece is handcrafted in Italy using age old goldsmith techniques passed down from generation to generation. The result is a collection of custom made masterpieces, each boasting its own unique characteristics.

Using luxurious crocodile skin and python leather Italian artisans handcraft clutches with meticulous attention to detail. Clutches are crowned with an 18 carat gold clasp encrusted with dazzling diamonds and gemstones. Crafted with luxury materials and customised jewelled clasp a FORTEDEMARMI clutch is love in its purest expression.


Referring to a carefully curated colour palette clients can customise pieces to suit their unique skin tone or taste. This allows fashionistas to create bespoke accessory sets that reflect their individuality.


“The full effect of the FORTEDEMARMI philosophy can be achieved by flaunting a unique jewelled clutch as well as a handcrafted ring, bracelet and pendant that captures the look and feel of evocative fashion,” adds Lotti.

This season’s looks are bold, vivacious and fabulously feminine. Think vibrant purples, rich burgundies and fuchsia pinks that are guaranteed to get heads turning. All leather jewellery is encased in FORTEDEMARMI’s trademark gold sheathing to give the pieces a lustrous sheen.


While the company makes it grand debut in 2015 its history can be traced back to 1963 when Italian artiste Otello Lotti founded a company manufacturing metal clutches for high-end brands. Over the next three decades Lotti established his business as a leader in the Italian made luxury accessories sphere. In 1993 Alessandro and Alessio Lotti joined the company and began to manufacture customised jewellery and embellished clutches for VIP clients around the world. This year the company was refined and re-launched under the name of FORTEDEMARMI. Since its 21st century revamp the brand has quickly emerged as one of the most prestigious brands in contemporary fashion.

For brides on the search for the ultimate in ceremonial chic the FORTEDEMARMI is a discerning choice. All pieces are handmade with love and can be customised to create the perfect wedding ensemble.

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