Nizz Lipsticks by Sarah Trademark

I am a massive lipstick fan, I usually opt for simple eye make up and a statement lipstick so I can’t describe how excited I was to receive not just one, but four new lipsticks to try.

I had seen Nizz lipsticks all over Instagram and if you haven’t heard of them then check out because they have such a great range!


The shades above from top to bottom are Purple Paris, Tokyo Pink, Mocha Nude and Cranberry Red.

My favourite has to be Tokyo pink. My main concern with any lipstick apart from being long lasting is that I want to make sure they are moisturising and don’t dry my lips out and leave them flaky. From the second I applied these I kept rubbing my lips together as it just felt like I had applied a moisturiser. The texture and feel was beautiful and the pigment is fab. I have my eye on the blue lipstick they make!

The lipsticks are cruelty free and vegetarian, they contain all natural ingredients which is great 🙂

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My name is Sarah Trademark and I am 25 years old. I love trying new products and also sharing my experiences online. If there is anything you want to ask me then please email/comment/tweet me :)

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  1. What are the actual ingredients in the lipstick? I’ve emailed the company and basically got blanked /ignored lol. Definitely putting me of purchasing from the brand – seems dodgy! I’ve yet to see a blogger/vlogger review made by someone who paid full price for them …

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