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7th August 2014
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7th August 2014 Hayley

My favourite part of the ending of summer is that I can carry on rocking my dark lip colours and don’t have to endure the strange looks I get for doing so in the middle of July; I love darker lip shades and they love me. So with the seasons turning it was time to hunt out some new dark shades to rock and also to be a little braver & try out some softer shades… Yes, I know how strange it sounds that I will rock a deep purple lip but the thought of a candy floss colour or nude put the fear of God into me. After browsing the NV Colour site I settled on two shades of their NV Colours Lip Crayons; Sugar Rush & Spice Plum.

NV Colours Lip Crayon
NV Colours are an online cosmetics company with social media at their heart, they are a way for shoppers to get closer to the brand and also provide them with tutorials and tips. Not only that but the colour ranges they offer are gorgeous, it seems to me like they have taken a less is more approach and focused on providing a few simply gorgeous colours instead of lots of sub-standard ones. From nail varnishes to eye crayons the colours are right up my street.

NV Colours Lip Crayons


I love a chubby stick/crayon style product as they are great for on the go and shoving in your handbag, not only that but I love the little twist to push up feature NV Colours have used to release more on the crayon. The formulation of these is absolutely gorgeous, they are extremely creamy and easy to apply, and the stick style of the product also makes it incredibly easy to get a precise application.

The formula glides on the lips and leaves behind a very pigmented colour that makes your lips feel soft and hydrated. The staying power is pretty good and last a fair few hours before wearing off, the only downfall is that it did wear off in patches which looked a little unsightly. Sugar Rush is not my usual colour but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how it looks on, it’s a slightly candy coloured pink with lilac undertones that has a frosty(ish) finish to it – so a little 90s in the finish.

Up next is Spiced Plum, the name alone has me falling head over heels for it; the colour, as you can imagine, is a deep rich plum colour that I don’t think I could love any more. Where Sugar Rush had a slight frost finish too it this has a sheen like finish that makes your lips stand out for all the right reasons.

The lip crayons are priced at £5.00 each (a bargain if you ask me) and can be found on the NV Colours Website.

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