Olivia Wilde shows sustainable style with new H&M range

19th March 2015
19th March 2015 Annette Newman

This year’s Conscious Exclusive takes inspiration from around the planet, with a focus on the versatility of the dress. An organic linen and silk sleeveless gown with a glamorous shape is printed hand-drawn images of birds. A black cocktail dress is made from Tencel and recycled wool, with an African influence in its embellished rows of recycled sequins. Meanwhile a sleeveless cocktail dress has a print inspired by Japanese ink, and is made from organic hemp, organic silk and organic cotton.

Each piece in the collection is special, whether it’s the bomber jacket made from a Tencel jacquard that’s like the reverse of a jaquard, with threads left purposefully loose, or the organic silk tuxedo blazer that’s slashed to the elbow to create a dramatic effect.



The use of more sustainable materials is varied and comprehensive, from the recycled beads on a flapper dress, to the organic leather used for a minimalist leather jacket and the stack-heeled sandals.


“I love the Conscious Exclusive collection at H&M, both for the look, and also for its ethics. This is how all fashion should be: great style that’s naturally more sustainable,” says Olivia Wilde.

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