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Joe Brown

Joe Brown MUA

Joe Brown

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

I have only been doing makeup since February, using it as a further way to express myself. From doing this I have been able to do makeup on my friends and family. Although in the early stages of my MUA career I have shocked myself and others with my skill, being asked to do the makeup at a family friend’s wedding which is the first real gig that I have, something that I’m excited for.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My signature look is one that I have only recently perfected since purchasing the new Jeffree Star ‘Jawbreaker’ palette. It is a sunset eye that has a red and yellow smoke to soothe it out. Although not very different from others, I put my twist on my looks by being able to contour with a colour gradient as well as pop contrasting colours across my face and neck.

What I love about makeup

I love that makeup creates a blank canvas to which I then barf colour over and hope for the best. Being able to extend who I am, as my piercings, clothes and hair do too is the thing I admire about makeup. People can look at a boy wearing makeup and think one thing or they can admire it as an art, an intricate design that’s been thoroughly planned and that’s what I love

Three must have items

I don’t know about women but for me a lick of mascara, some powder and a brush are the three essentials that I cannot leave the house without.

My work

Our Makeup Artist of the day is Joe Brown

Joe Brown

Jeffree Star – Jawbreaker palette Younique – fibre mascara Obsession – Mega lightning highlighter Benefit – hoola bronzer L’Oréal – true match foundation Collection – eyebrow kit

I created this look by blending for the gods. A light fluffy brush the blended the yellow, orange and red. I packed a bit of dark purple on the outer corner to add depth in the look. Smoked the purple under and blended it with orange and yellow. I then created a cut crease and added an orange shimmer which I then blended to a yellow shimmer in the inner corner. Highlight on the brow bone and done!

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