Posh is set to ‘spice up our lives’

14th October 2013
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14th October 2013 SarahVictoria

Gone are the days when Posh could only get into Fashion Week as Katie Holmes plus one, since then Victoria has made her own (very successful) name in fashion as a designer for her exclusive fashion brand and has definitely earned her own invitation. She rocked up for a meeting at the British Embassy in Paris which coincidently happened to fall on Paris Fashion week looking as incredible as ever.

Victoria Beckham trending

Showing that simplicity is key, she swapped her signature little black dress which made her the role as ‘posh spice’ for a sophisticated black jumpsuit adding minimalistic accessories and keeping her style very much on trend with a sleeveless beige trench coat.


She has also recently announced her new collaboration with the online chat service Skype to bring us a ‘fly on the wall’ style documentary about her 5 years in the fashion industry. After Victoria admitted Skype played a part in her exciting journey of setting up her business to allow her to contact her studio when she was abroad, Skype jumped at the chance to be a part of the documentary. Skype spokesperson says ‘We’re thrilled to be a part of the Victoria Beckham story, and look forward to sharing it with you soon’. As the Beckhams have always been a mysterious family it will be interesting to find out more and maybe see past Victoria’s renowned pout. Plus, tuning in to gaze at David Beckham certainly can’t be a bad thing ey, girls?!

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