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18th February 2013
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18th February 2013 Lee Hall

It is a sad moment for the reggae world as the walking and talking ‘wikipedia’ of reggae, DJ David Rodigan hangs up his headphones at Kiss FM and leaves the station he joined in 1990 blaming the decision on the station’s ‘marginalisation’ of reggae music. With KISS FM now left with no known reggae DJ, is this an indication that Kiss FM no longer want to associate themselves with reggae?

Anyone with a slight interest in reggae music will know enough to throw a few key words into a conversation. Aside from the obvious ‘Bob Marley’, ‘Studio One’ and ‘Dub Vendor’, one of the key words that pops up is ‘Rodigan’. The fact that David Michael Rodigan MBE is known by his last name around the world from dancehalls across Jamaica to stadiums in Japan speaks volume for a man who has always carried reggae in his heart and is adored by reggae fans and respected by DJ’s.

Regardless of age, race or social standing, Ram Jam Rodigan has totally respect from reggae and dancehall fans worldwide and we think this is something the suits at Kiss/Bauer missed. Maybe in a panic to capture a younger audience, they decided to move his show but as the video below demonstrates, demand for Sir Rodigan is as high as it will ever be. It will only be a short while before he is snapped up by another station. I could see the BEEB knocking before soon.

Long may Sir David Rodigan rule.

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