Seal an email with a kiss? Thank Burberry

20th June 2013
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20th June 2013 Mollie Reeves

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the great British brand Burberry has launched an app in partnership with Google called ‘Burberry Kisses’. You pretty much use the camera on your laptop or phone and it takes an image of your lips/kiss via the screen. Having tried it myself, which I really enjoyed, it then gives you a selection of lipsticks to choose from. I went for a deep, on trend plum – got to keep it fashionable!

I think it makes an email far more personal as you’re adding a little part of yourself to it, making it more unique. This is especially good when you haven’t seen someone for a while, it’s a little piece of you, adding more emotion to technology. How cute!


It doesn’t end there though, you can then continue to watch your kiss and email go to your receiver on Google Earth and then reaching its last destination.

You simply just need log on to, or google Burberry Kisses. Simple, easy & fun. The best way to personalise your email. But don’t go round kissing too many people please!

Burberry kisses

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