Seven reasons why we hate January

Named after Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, January was once seen by ‘spiritual folk’ as the door to a new year and new beginning. Fast forward a century or two and it is no secret that January has become one of the most hated months on the calendar. We look at why January has got such a bad rap…

1. Christmas Comedown

Numero Uno – “Don’t underestimate… the other guy’s greed!”

The infamous Christmas Comedown is a global phenomena that starts the moment you open your last Christmas present and realise you have to wash all those dishes when your guests-turned-deserters leave your dump of a house to return to their tidy homes.

2. Being Really Really Broke


Remember how much money you had in December? Nothing hurts more than having no money when shops are selling nearly everything at rock bottom prices. All those presents are now half price, the £3.99 rolls of wrapping paper are now in a bargain bucket for 10p and that is all you can afford.

3. New Year, New Me … Whatever

All your friends are posting on Facebook and Twitter about hitting the gym and their New Year resolutions and you’re still looking for loose change around the house. There is nothing more demotivating than being around motivated people when your own motivational setting is stuck on zero.

4. Going Back To Work


Forget about all the work you put off in December that is waiting on your desk for you. Rail delays, increased season ticket prices and having to listen to everybody’s festive holiday story are just some of the highlights of going back to work. Shoot me now.

5. No Motivation

There is nothing wrong with having no motivation at this time of the year. You are not alone as most people posting that “New Year, New me” are just as demotivated as you – it is usually an act. There is light at the end of the tunnel and normal service will return.

6. It Just Happens To Be Freezing

Brace yourself…. it is going to be cold. No matter where you live in the UK, it will be cold and there is a chance for the odd flood or two. This means you will be standing on a cold train on your way to work (late) having had to pay more than you did last month.  Let us not forget about the journey home in the dark.

7. Did We Mention Being Broke?

Credit cards maxed, almost six weeks between pays and you are down to your last £1. The good thing is that this only happens once a year.

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