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11th June 2013
11th June 2013 Ryan McKiernan

Struggling to find some killer new musicians to put in your summer playlist? Well, fear not, I’m here to help. Keep reading and check out my top three acts to watch this year.

1. Deap Vally
Made up of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, this LA based rock duo, signed to Island Records,  are one of the hottest acts to break through this year. They recently released both a debut EP Get Deap and debut album Sistrionix in an effort to appease their fans demand for their music. Similar to a female version of The White Stripes or The Black Keys, these two girls have all the angst of teenagers but they seamlessly translate this into their music. Listen to their song Gonna Make My Own Money for a taster:


2.  AlunaGeorge
Here’s another duo but this time Aluna Francis and George Reid come together to make an electronic, hip-hop sound with Aluna lending her velvet voice to George’s beats. Many of you may have heard of this pair courtesy of their collaboration with Disclosure but this pair are a genuine hit machine in their own right. Check out Attracting Flies down below:


3.  NO
You can thank SXSW for bring this indie rock band, hailing from sunny California, to my attention. The six-piece band have been causing quite a stir with their “post-hymnal anthematic” sound. Like all good up and coming indie musicians, the finer details of the band are elusive but I did manage to dig up a song for you to listen to. Enjoy their song Stay With Me right here:


What bands will you be adding to your summer playlist? Tweet me and let me know.

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