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The skin takes a real battering over the summer months, and come September you can often be left with dry, flaky, sunburnt skin which is peeling and sore. So, in order to prevent sun burn and protect your skin it is important you use the correct protection and the correct method of application.

If you have pale skin

If you have pale skin, which tends to burn very easily then it is imperative you wear a high factor sun protection product and keep re-applying throughout the day. It is a common myth that by using over factor 30 SPF, you are preventing yourself from tanning – as whatever factor you use will only ensure you are not burnt by the sun’s harmful rays, rather than blocking you from the sun completely.

If you choose to tan through not applying the correct sun cream, your tan will only last a short period of time as burnt skin peels and damages your skin’s cuticles. Jason’s Pure Natural Sunscreen SPF 45 (£11.99 from select Tesco stores nationwide) is perfect for pale skin tones, as it gives you the protection you need whilst also being water resistant – which means you don’t need to spend your day constantly re-applying every time you take a dip in the pool! It is a non-greasy formula, so it won’t give you an undesirably shiny look and contains no nasty parabens.

If you are on a two week holiday, it might be worth investing in two different SPF sun creams and using the higher factor in the first week, before gradually easing yourself onto the other. Jason also stock a 30 SPF (£13.99 from Tesco stores) factor, which is also ideal for paler skin tones as it caters for sensitive skin which is prone to sun burn.


If you have medium to olive skin

If you have medium to olive coloured skin, which tends to be a little more resistant to the sun’s rays, you can afford to use a slightly lower factor however you should also ensure you are still vigilant when applying. Tropical Sun’s 15 SPF (£1 from Poundland) is ideal for olive skin tones, as it provides protection and moisturizes skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E – however it isn’t as thick as higher SPF factors, so you will develop a golden glow a little quicker.It is also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about re-applying every time you step out of the water.

If you have a more medium to light skin tone, then Green People’s 25 SPF (£16.15 from might be a little more suitable, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. It provides great protection from UV rays, whilst also hydrating skin with its Aloe Vera and Green Tea ingredients. The product is organic and has never been tested on animals, it doesn’t contain harmful parabens and quite generously 10% of all of the net profit made by Green People goes to charity.

If you have dark skin

Darker skin tones although less prone to burning, do still need high protection – as the effects of sun damage can affect anyone, regardless of their skin colour. Ultrasun’s Medium 20SPF Glimmer Formula (£17 provides ideal, non-greasy protection which is free from perfume and is water resistant. The reflecting pigments leave a subtle glimmer on the skin, so you look radiant by the beach – and it’s fragrance free formula mean that it is suitable for all skin types.



With so much talk about different sun creams, it’s easy to forget about your face – which is often the most prone to sun burn and skin damage as it is so prominent and catches the sun’s rays quickly. It is absolutely fine to use your normal sun lotion on your face, however as the skin on your face is so delicate, it often requires greater attention and so it might be worth investing in a sun lotion which is more so targeted for your face.

Many foundations and daily moisturizers contain a small SPF, which is fine for everyday use at home – but when on holiday, you will need a higher SPF which should be worn under make-up or on its own. Natio’s Daily Protection Face Moisturiser (£13.60 from Tesco) is a lightweight lotion that also provides SPF 15 protection and helps to prevent premature aging caused by sun damage. It helps to moisturize skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and is effective in protecting it against the sun’s rays. It won’t prevent you from getting a healthy glow on your face, but it will prevent you from developing premature signs of aging and burning.

You also shouldn’t forget about protecting your lips whilst on holiday, as believe or not – they are also prone to sun damage and sun burn. Chap Stick’s Strawberry Lip Balm (£1.05 from Boots and other high street beauty stores) contains SPF 10 protection, whilst also hydrating and moisturizing lips – keeping them soft, smooth and kissable throughout your holiday.

Tan Accelerators

You have to be very careful with tan accelerators on holiday, as if you use them incorrectly and don’t apply sun cream when you should, you can end up with unsightly blisters over your skin – where the skin has become over heated and has formed water blisters as a result. However, when used correctly they can help enhance your tan and ensure you step back onto the plane looking bronzed and beautiful!

It is advisable  to wear a higher SPF for the first few days, so you could perhaps try Piz Buin Tan & Protect Sun Lotion 30SPF (£17.35 from Boots nationwide), which provides effective protection from UV rays, moisturises your skin (so you are less likely to peel), is non-sticky and includes a Melitan ingredient, which helps to enhance your skin’s natural tanning process.

If you have not burnt during the holiday and feel your skin can handle it, you could even try Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Intensifying Sun Spray (£17.35 from Boots nationwide), which enhances your tanning process whilst also providing 15 SPF protection. Plus, its instant spray application makes it far easier to apply!

After Sun

After a day’s tanning by the pool, your skin dries out, is left quite flaky and is prone to more sun damage, so it is important you apply a regular after sun product to your skin in the evenings – or when you feel your skin is dry and dehydrated. Tropical Sun’s After Sun Gel (£1 from Poundland) is formulated to soothe, refresh and hydrate skin, especially after harsh sun exposure. It cools the skin and offers essential moisture to ensure your tan is prolonged and doesn’t peel off upon returning home.


Although you should not primarily rely on supplements alone to protect you from the summer sun, they are often extremely useful in keeping your skin healthy whilst on holiday. As your skin experiences a dramatic change whilst on holiday, it can often become quite stressed and greasy.

Nurture’s Protect Skin Nourishment Supplement (£11.45 from is a daily tablet to be taken with food which helps to keep skin healthy and protect against harsh environmental stresses. It also has been clinically proven to help fight the signs of aging (especially caused by sun damage) as it includes Vitamin C, which helps to generate more collagen production – which keeps your skin soft, supple and young.

If you don’t fancy the idea of taking an oral tablet daily, you can also keep your skin healthy and smooth with Planet Health’s Forever Young QSkin DNA Day Cream (£27.55 from Planet Health), which also helps to defend skin from premature skins of aging and keep it protected and young looking whilst on holiday.


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