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6th March 2013
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6th March 2013 Lee Hall

If you are anything like me you had the sunglasses at the ready for that little bit of sunshine yesterday, only to wake up this morning to grey skies. It is the UK, we need to be prepared for anything. So, the shops are telling us ladies we need to be wearing pastel colours, monochrome and t-bar flats- but are we ready to flash the flesh? Here are my top tips to help get a spring back in your step:

Drink water – We all know this one, water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and your skin will thank you for it. Aim for 8 glasses a day, any top model would agree.

Dry brushing – Using a round dry brush (available at Boots, Superdrug, Body Shop) in circular movements towards the heart will get the blood pumping around the body. Do this every day before a shower to improve circulation, prevent/reduce cellulite and exfoliate

Pedicure – No one wants to see feet that have been tucked away under two pairs of socks and Ugg boots for the first time. Before you reach for the flip flops treat yourself to a pedicure. It is so relaxing and it will be easier to maintain the condition of your feet for the whole of the summer. Farewell hard skin and cracked heels.

HD Brows – Most of us ladies have been a serial plucker at one time in our lives (guilty as charged) If you’re anything like me you will have patches that just refuse to grow back. Summer is all about less is more when it comes to make up and good brows frame the face and really make all the difference to your overall look. Thick brows are in! (We have Cara Delevingne to thank for this). HD Brows is a treatment that will shape, dye and maintain your brows, with regular sessions help create that polished look. It is now available in most salons and will really make all the difference to achieving that sexy fuller arch.

Glow – We all know how bad sunbeds are for the skin and no one wants to be looking like an old handbag in later life. Faking it doesn’t have to mean smelling like a biscuit. A moisturiser with a hint of self tan in will leave the skin with a hint of colour without looking like a Jersey Shore extra. I recommend the Palmers one, which also contains cocoa butter so you’ll smell yummy too.

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