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8 things that prove you are hot

Throughout your life, someone has always been there to boost your confidence regardless if you needed it or not. It probably started with your mum at a school play when you were dressed up with your classmates as townspeople of Hamelin.  From the start of your life, someone else has …

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Feel-good confidence tips: Bring on the Winter

It’s December which means rich puddings, delicious dinners and lots of alcohol, but it’s only a matter of time before we’re hit with ‘get fit’ videos, articles about how many diets we should be doing and New Year resolutions to join the gym! After Christmas we are bombarded with the …

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21 and in the grey area of ‘dating’

Many say, not just some, 21 is a young age to settle down and have a serious relationship. But when I think about it ; my parents were engaged ready to start their lives together after just being together for two years. Saving up to get married, they didn’t predict …

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