The countdown begins

Some would say if you are shopping for Christmas presents in November, you are already late. We disagree. Some of the best products and bargains can be found right up until Christmas eve if you are willing to take the gamble. Thanks to TrendLife, you don’t need to take that gamble as we have created our very own ‘Top fifty Christmas gift guide“.

Like little elves in a workshop, our team having been secretly testing various toys, gadgets, gift bundles, must have fashion accessories and stocking fillers to bring you the ultimate Top 50th Christmas gift guide. From now to the 30th November 2013, we will be bringing you a new gift every day. Come the 1st of December, we will then give you two gift ideas every day till we reach the all important top 5.

As we all know, get the wrong gift at Christmas can be disastrous and lead to friends falling out, couples separating and even frostier relationships with the in-laws. If you are in need of help and want to avoid ruining someones Christmas, follow these simple rules and you will be fine.


1. Avoid the practical (Men)

Gentlemen, if you were unlucky enough to find a partner who posses less culinary skills than you, what ever you do, do not try to be practical by sticking a bow on a kitchen appliance. Yes, it makes perfect sense as she burns just about everything but if you give her a microwave, everyday she uses it will only remind her of that Christmas day when you destroyed her faith in you. No white goods, no kitchen appliances.

2. Harrods over Halfords (Women)

Nothing says ‘you are at the bottom of my priority list’ more than a present from Halfords. Not that we are suggesting there is anything wrong with Halfords products. It is the simple fact that the special man in your life does not love his car that much. Just imagine, he waits his turn, watching the entire family open up their amazing gifts only to be greeted with a nodding bobble meerkat you found at the till.

3. K.I.S.S (Men)

That’s right. Keep it simple stupid. Do not attempt to do anything out of the ordinary. Pick a nice gift, buy it in advance and store it somewhere safe. While the thought of capturing a hawk and training it to deliver your recently purchased Elizabeth Arden gold-plated rope chain sounds truly exciting, it will only end badly. Just keep it simple and everything will be fine.


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