The Heat

The Heat (Cert.15)

The Heat (2013)

Dir.: Paul Feig | Cast: Sandra Bullock; Melissa McCarthy

The Heat (2013) is the latest comedy to come from director Paul Feig, renowned for his 2011 hit Bridesmaids. Feig rocketed to directorial stardom when he released Bridesmaids, which grossed over $160MPrior to this, he spent time directing T.V series The Office US and other American sitcoms until he started producing feature films. His success led him to The Heat where he teamed up with Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) and Bridesmaids’ favourite Melissa McCarthy. Feig’s pre-existing relationship with McCarthy and the ever-excellent Bullock led to a spectacle that could re-invent the ‘woman protagonist’.

Following Sandra Bullock’s character, FBI officer Ashburn, she is the arrogant but brilliant buy-the-book cop. Her success is unequalled but the discriminatory chief of police is preventing her from getting the much-sought after promotion she desires. After another successful mission, rather than an appraisal, she is sent from New York to Boston to clean up the increasing drug ring. There she meets her complete parallel opposite. Officer Mullins, of the Boston division, is rather unorthodox in her methods and probably prefers torture to receive her confession rather than pussy-footing around with interrogations for hours. Ashburn, horrified by Mullins cannot comprehend how she is meant to work with this law-enforcing maniac. However, the two quickly form a bond and together they attempt to tackle the crime in Mullins’ beloved Boston.

The Heat 2

My first thought was that this was going to be a dreary comedy with only a minute amount of laughs. How I was wrong. The Heat is hilarious. Bullock doesn’t get enough credit for her comedic value, her dry humour and awkwardness is wonderful and is perfectly juxtaposed with McCarthy’s outlandish, foul-mouthed rants. The two actresses are so divergent that they come together in a beautifully comedic concoction that makes their relationship increasingly enjoyable to watch. For the two that have never worked together before this film their on-screen relationship was brilliant and funny in its entirety.

I came out of the screening feeling pleasantly surprised and I was encouraged by both McCarthy and Bullock’s roles. I think with McCarthy, she may have the tendency to continually play the same role which will become outdated but for now it is brilliant. I would like to see her become more diverse and prove her worth as an actress and I’m sure she has the talent and ability to pull off many different roles. Director, Paul Feig, has found a diamond in the rough with McCarthy and made her a spearhead for women comics who aspire to act and with the help of new-comer screenwriter Katie Dippold, this film is sure to go down as a huge success for both the male and female audiences.

3.5 out of 5.

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