The X-Files Reboot? The Truth Is Out There…

18th January 2015
18th January 2015 Lee Hall

It’s almost official. After speculation, and teasing from Mulder and Scully themselves, Fox has finally announced that they are in talks with series creator Chris Carter to revive the supernatural, super-successful cult-classic, The X-Files.

Apparently, after the success of the 24 limited series, Fox decided it would probably be a good idea to bring back another iconic classic. Really though? They needed that as an excuse. How about the show being the best thing to come out of the 90’s? In the nine years The X-Files was on the air, Chris Carter and co. gave us 202 hour-long episodes and a feature film. If you were too young to watch in the 90’s and had to make do with Clarissa Explains It All, you really missed out.

So how big was The X Files? Check out these 10 actors who starred in The X Files before they were famous. Recognise anyone?



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