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AB Boxing is run by Andrew Blumson who is a certified Hatton Academy Elite boxing fitness instructor who teaches Hatton Academy “Boxing for Fitness” in small groups, large classes or 1 on 1.

Coached by Professional Boxing Coach, Paul Rees, for over 9-years. Andrew Blumson gives a brief over of his teaching methods. “When coaching, I mix what I have learned in professional boxing coaching, along with the Hatton Academy, so you will learn all aspects of boxing, no different to a boxer starting their journey.”

“Remember that boxing is a sport, and just like when you take up any new sport, it takes years to master! Boxing is a sport that looks easy, but is probably one of the hardest sports to learn. So don’t be hard on yourself, give it time, and through repetition, I assure you that you will progress in your boxing ability, and get fitter at the same time.”

AB Boxing Hertford, Athlon Fitness, Hoe Lane,
Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG12 9NZ

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Ab Boxing Hertford
Athlon Fitness, Hoe Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire