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6th September 2014
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6th September 2014 Hayley

Earlier this year Bourjois released the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks and at the time of release I was away for the weekend with a load of beauty bloggers; you have never seen a room full of more excited people than when they returned from shopping with these little beauties. What more could you ask for when it comes to a lip product; pretty packaging, bold colour, long lasting formula and a stunning matte finish.

Bourjois are fast becoming one of my favourite brands and these little lippies were the turning point for me. After bagging myself 3 of the shades I have since gone back for more and own all but 2 of the colours – it is love and I hope they never leave my life. A few weeks ago I thought I lost one of them and I felt like a boyfriend of 3 years had just broken up with me; I was bereft. Yes, I am that crazy about these, I am sure you are asking what can be so good about them? Well either that or you have clicked off this review in astonishment at my craziness.Bourjois Velvet Matte Lips
The pictured colours are some of my favourite from the range; Ole FlamingoPersonne en Rouge & Gran Cru – the latest release. All the colour boast a lightweight formula with a matte finish and up to 24 hours staying time, but let’s be honest it’s rare that all the claims of a beauty company are true, but not only are these true but they are actually down playing them. The packaging looks a lot more expensive than the £8.99 they retail for and the product is definitely worth more. The highly pigmented colour glides onto the lips with the doe foot applicator effortlessly, leaving behind a vivid liquid that sets matte after a few moments.

The finish isn’t a drying matte texture though as when you slide your lips together there is still some give and no stick – it feels almost silky/powdery. The best thing about this formula though has to be the staying power – IT DOES NOT BUDGE. I can sit down for a meal with drinks and by the end of it my lip colour is still going strong & I don’t need to reapply.

Bourjois Velvet Matte LipsIf bold long lasting colour is your thing then you will love these, and you are going to be hard pressed to find something as good, or better, for the princely sum of £8.99. I love these lip colours and I won’t have a bad word said about them, they are by far the best high street release for quite some time.

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