Which 1D Valentine’s Date would you pick?

19th January 2015
19th January 2015 Annette Newman

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to start thinking about what you want to do with that special someone. Traditional dates are great but sometimes doing the same as everybody else can get a bit boring so we are going to put it to a very vocal group of people, One Direction fans, to come up with some alternatives.

Feel free to post any Valentine’s Date ideas that you have below but to get your mind started, which of the following dates would you pick?


A simple (and safe) Valentine’s date at everyone’s favourite chicken-barbecuing-restaurant Nando’s with Zayn. Sounds safe until you get excited and ditch the lemon & herb sauce for the mouth watering extra hot peri sauce.


A slightly more adventurous and ‘different’ Valentine’s date would be watching Luton Town at home. If this is your first time at a football match, consider this the deep end.


If playing with live animals is your thing, how about a date that consists of Liam and Whipsnade Zoo. We have all probably been there as kids at school but this trip may be more memorable. No anaconda jokes please.

GoKarting With Harry

Ever dreamed about chasing Harry styles around the countryside? I guess it didn’t involve crash helmets and go karts. This date could be the best date you ever go on but conversing over the noise will be a pain. Think about the journey home instead.


The final choice is probably the most practical. The company would be great and you also get to take some free designer clothes home. Double win.

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