Why You Should Own A Red Lipstick

25th August 2013
25th August 2013 Lisahh-Jayne

When wanting to make a bold statement there’s nothing better than using a red lipstick. Gwyneth Paltrow famously once said “beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That or a kick-ass red lipstick”. Whether you’re a frequent red lipstick wearer, or you’re thinking of trying something new, here is why you should own a red lipstick.

1 – It can make you feel attractive and confident. There’s something about red lipstick that makes you feel sexy and powerful. It can really make a statement to the world: it says that you feel attractive, and you don’t mind being looked at.

2 – It can add a statement to your outfit on a night out. Next time you’re off on a night out and in need of a new outfit but don’t want to break the bank, wear one of your simple black dresses and throw on some red lipstick. It’s an affordable way to update your outfit without having to spend on new clothes. And in times of economic downturn the sales of lipsticks rise, so treating yourself to a new red lipstick (even if you have 5 more at home) is an affordable way of bringing some glamour and style into your life.

3 – Undeniably, it’s a classic. Red lipstick never goes out of fashion. Since forever, red lips have been perceived as attractive. Even Cleopatra painted her lips red to attract Caesar, and unlike pinks, oranges and browns, red lipstick is always on trend.

Adele in red lipstick | TrendLife Magazine

– You can tone down the rest of your makeup. When wearing your favourite red lippy, you can keep the rest of your makeup simple. A simple subtle eye and bold red lip is the perfect statement look without being over the top. You should only ever go for a bold dramatic eye look or a bold lip, doing both can be too much. 

5 – It can even help to make your teeth whiter. So if you’re not keen on the idea of teeth bleaching, choose a red lipstick with a blue undertone as it will help make your teeth look pearly white (and your lips stand out too!).

Everyone can wear red lipstick. Whether you save it for special nights out, or you wear it all the time, the hunt for the perfect red lipstick is half of the fun.

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