Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger

21st April 2014
21st April 2014 Lisa Jenkins

A celebrity collaboration for a fashion house is always a risky business. In many cases, the line only gains popularity from the name it’s attached to. The clothes themselves can be awfully designed and are often made with cheap fabrics, allowing the company to design cheap clothes but add on a hefty price tag for the celebrity name attached to it. Kardashians for Dorothy Perkins anyone? But sometimes, you do get the stand out collections that are worth the slightly higher price tag. Kate Moss for Topshop is a prime example of how using a name can still mean good clothes.


This week, one of my favourite ladies, Zooey Deschanel, has launched her capsule collection for fashion label Tommy Hilfiger. Zooey is a lady of many talents and with her new collection, it is safe to say that designer is another accolade she can add to her name. Zooey is well known for her floaty dresses and kitsch prints, and this is evident in her new capsule collection. Using a lot of red, white and blue and 60s inspired shapes, the dresses have a modern yet vintage look that is different to Tommy Hilfiger’s normal collection, yet still fits in perfectly.


The collection of sixteen dresses is available now and I personally think the collection is the perfect representation of Zooey and the all-American girl that she is. This is a collection that is bound to sell out fast.


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