Five beauty products to help you fake it

There are some days when primping and preening in front of the mirror is just not an option; maybe your alarm didn’t wake you up or simply, those extra 20 minutes in bed took priority. After three years at university and a year as a teaching assistant I’ve had to master the ways to look alive even when I feel like curling up in a ball and having a pity party for one so I thought it might be an idea to share them…


1. Dry shampoo. The lazy girl’s alternative to having actual, real-life clean hair. I love this one from So…? With Attitude because it’s cheap and it doesn’t have the classic dry shampoo smell that some big brands have. It’s lightly perfumed so no-one will know you didn’t wash your hair today (or yesterday either…).


2. Concealer. This is the ultimate trick for making me look awake when I’m actually sleeping with my eyes open. I dot it in the inner corner of my eyes and blend outwards to keep any dark circles at bay. This Collection concealer is great because it doesn’t get stuck in any creases and can be worn alone without looking too heavy.

3. Mascara. The Dior Addict It Lash is a bit of a splurge but it pays off when your lashes are lengthened and there’s not a clump in sight. It’s blacker than black and the plastic wand has a little spiky bit at the end to get any corner lashes or lower lashes without leaving any transfer onto your eyelids.


4. Eyeshadow. Another more high-end product here, the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood palette. It’s got a matte white shade that’s good for highlighting under the brow bone and in the corners of your eyes, again making everything look a little more awake. The neutral greys and browns can go along the lower and upper lash lines as an alternative to eyeliner.

5. Lip gloss / lip balm. After legging it to the bathroom to brush my teeth and check that my dry-shampooed hair is looking passable it’s time for a little sweep of colour onto my lips. BUT – it’s important to avoid glitter and sparkle if you’re aiming for a day-to-day look that says “I have made it to work on time with absolutely no trouble or extreme effort at all”. I like this Burt’s Bees lip shine because it’s 100% natural and a relatively neutral pink tone.

So, 5 products that might just help you look less like you would rather be anywhere but where you should be. Some are a little more expensive than others but let’s not forget that just because they will help you look alive for work they can all be used for a night out or a date too.

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