Garnier Perfect Blur Primer

Whatever your skin type, primer is your best friend. Primer is a product you apply after your moisturiser in the morning and before you make-up; it can be used as a base instead of foundation for good skin days, but also works well as a preparatory step for foundation by smoothing the skin and making your make-up stay set for longer.

You wouldn’t dream of applying your favourite nail polish without first applying base coat; this is the same principle. It’s all about the preparation.

Garnier Perfect Blur Primer

It essentially claims to blur all your facial imperfections, which in my mother’s eyes sounded like the ideal product.

This Garnier Perfect Blur Primer looks like a cream when it first comes out of the tube, but when applied to the face it quickly becomes a translucent gel-like substance which absorbs incredibly quickly. I’m not entirely sure how, but it really does have a ‘blurring’ effect to the skin. It mattifies shine and smooths the skin instantly which in turn ‘blurs’ the appearance of skin imperfections.

I have tried many other mattifying primers but I either find them too greasy, too drying or they take too long to absorb. This primer has none of these faults which is why it has quickly become on of my favourite products, and definitely my favourite primer.


Purchase your Garnier Perfect Blur Primer HERE. It’s currently reduced from £12.99 to £8.66 so be quick! |

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